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When can you activate Verizon phones as prepaid phones?

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I would do some research but instead of tracfone you might want to try go phone or virgin mobile.

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Can you make a enV2 Verizon phone prepaid?

you can actually make most phones for Verizon prepaid except smart phones.

Can you activate a Verizon prepaid phone for an existing Verizon contract phone?

You used to be able to buy a prepaid phone from Walmart and activate it on your Verizon contract. I bought dad a new LG from Walmart not too long ago and when I dialed *228 and option 3 to activate, it said that they werent able to activate the phone because it has to be active on a prepaid account for at least 6 months. I've always bought prepaid phones but now the Verizon system has caught up. I used to work for Verizon Wireless and I didnt have any problems until now.

Can you buy a Verizon prepaid cell phones at walmart?

While you can purchase refill minutes for Verizon prepaid phones, it does not appear that you can buy the actual phone from Walmart. The store does, however, carry Samsung prepaid phones.

Can the Samsung glyde be prepaid?

All Verizon phones cant be prepaid. No smart phones, the Glyde can't, and most touch screen phones cant be used prepaid. When I need to know for sure I call *22898 prepaid activation to ask. I bought the Glyde and it couldn't. yes. all Verizon phones can be prepaid. <3

Where are Verizon prepaid cell phones available?

Verizon prepaid cell phones are available from Verizon's website and also most cell phone stores. You can ask the employees in the store about the best prepaid plan for you.

Where can prepaid Verizon phones be bought?

Prepaid Verizon phones can be bought from any Verizon dealer. Most large stores carry this service as well, such as Zehers and Wal-Mart. Good luck with your new phone.

Does Verizon have different cell phone plans?

Yes, Verizon does offer prepaid plans for some of their phones. Verizon makes it affordable to own one of their phones.

Where can one learn about the Verizon prepaid phones?

Many companies are offering prepaid phones today. Prepaid phones are cellular phones that one does not have to carry a contract with. With these phones one will prepay for cellular service. This means one will pay for the cellular service before you use it.

Is the Samsung reality prepaid?

It can be through Page Plus they allow verizon phones. Verizon wont let you make your Reality phone prepaid because of the data pkg.

Where can a person find some information regarding Verizon wireless prepaid phones?

The official website of Verizon is a great source of information for all its products, including the wireless prepaid phones. Shops that sell phones such as BestBuy also offer good information.

What cellular services offer prepaid phones in the Detroit area?

There are multiple prepaid phone providers in detroit. Even store like walmart sell prepaid phones. Major providers like sprint and verizon also have prepaid options.

Can you use a Verizon prepaid sim card in a droid bionic phone?

No, you cannot use a Verizon prepaid sim card in a Droid Bionic Phone. You would not be able to activate it because VerizonÃ?s prepaid service does not support LTE.

What is the deal with Verizon no contract phones?

At Walmart you can buy prepaid time and data. If you buy in from there online store, you have to create an account and when you have bought the item, you recieve an email and within 60 minutes, you will recieve another email with a code that you type on your phone to activate the prepaid time.

Do Verizon prepaid phones have a contract?

No, there is no contract with prepaid phones. There are a few plan options to pick, by the day or monthly. The most popular plan though is $50 Unlimited Talk, Text, and Web.

Verizon Prepaid Cell Phones versus a Contracted cell phone?

They do offer prepaid and there is no contract to sign. There are many to choose from also. http://www.mobile-phones-uk.org.uk/sony-ericsson-k300i.htm

Where can one purchase a prepaid Verizon phone?

There are a lot of online stores that will help people get prepaid Verizon phones. To name a few, one could try stores such as Best Buy, Amazon and eBay.

Can you activate a Verizon Voyager as a prepaid phone?

No I just tryed to. You have to have a data package with voyager because it's "fancy"

How do you use a Verizon phone as a prepaid phone?

Yes you can, but certain phones cannot be prepaid because they're too smart . ps ; hope that helped(:

Can the Verizon voyager be used as a prepaid phone?

it cant be prepaid. i called Verizon to try and make it prepaid but its to smart to be prepaid.

Will any Verizon cell phone work with the impulse plan?

Some Verizonwireless phones will work out of a contract box; but there are some that will not. Ex. The Lg Dare, will not work on a Verizon prepaid plan. This also works the opposite way, you can take an impluse Verizon phone and use it on any Verizon plan. This can save you alot of money!!!! No matter what anyone else says, I activate phones for a living right now so I know it works!!!

What are the top two inexpensive prepaid cellular plans for Verizon?

Verizon's top prepaid cellular plans are Inpulse and Easypay. It has a growing number of V-Cast enabled prepaid phones.

You bought a Verizon LG voyager on eBay Verizon wont let you activate it. Is there any other way to activate it?

not on Verizon it isn't. You can only use verizons exact phones bought from them on the Verizon network even if its the same exact phone. That's why they suck.

What exactly is a Verizon prepaid cell phone?

Verizon is a Cell phone company that offers various cell phones and monthly plans. They also offer "Prepaid" Cell phones where instead of paying for a monthly plan you simple pay for whatever mins you use from a package minute deal.

Free Verizon prepaid minutes?

I Need minutes on my prepaid phone Verizon Phone Can I Get Them

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