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2 weeks after the piercing was done, the swelling will be down by then and the barbell can be changed for a shorter one.

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3 or 4 weeks. It's important that you change to a short barbell.

A good two weeks. If you take it out too soon your tongue may get swollen and your hole will close

After a tongue piercing, 99% of people will swell up straight away. Fortunately, the length of the bar is then supported due to the swelling. After 7 days, the majority of people will be able to have their bar changed down to a smaller one which is a lot more comfortable! Some people may be able to have a second change down if their tongue is smaller.

No. A tongue bar is straight, whereas a bellybutton bar is curved (known as a banana bar).

Go to your piercer when the swelling goes down and they'll change it if its ready.

Typically you should wait at least 30 days before changing the tongue bar that you were pierced with. A shorter surgical steel tongue bar may be put in to replace the original tongue bar after swelling in the tongue goes down.

Yes you do, if you do not and your tongue swells the pain will be TERRIBLE..

when you get your tongue pierced, the piercer will put in a long bar to accompany the swelling, as it does swell quite a lot. But after at least 2 weeks, you may change it to a smaller one. Also, dont keep your tongue bar out for too long, as it does heal quite quickly. It may sting at first while you change it, but just suck on some ice cubes or something. Hope that helped.

Wear a clear tongue bar, you can get them off ebay for like £2.50!

This would depend on the width of the bar that the ball came from.

You're not supposed to change a fresh tongue piercing for two weeks. Tongue piercings are among some of the fastest healing piercings, but you don't want to change it too soon. If you change it too soon, chances are it will swell up again. If you put a shorter bar in your mouth, it will not be able to handle the swelling. I would recommend waiting at least a week and a half, but two weeks is best.

A small clamp is put onto your tongue to get it in the right place, then, a needle is pushed through your tongue, followed by the bar.

The change in a dog's tongue could be due to being dehydrated. Another reason for the tongue color to change could be an oral health issue.

I'd wait 2-3 weeks then change to a shorter bar. Go to your piercer to do it so that they can be sure that its ready to change. And so that it'll be autoclaved jewelry

Try some out. if it pinches your tongue. Dont wear it. Or it could imbed into your tongue. Which is not good news.

There is not much you can do, just don't play with it as much as you want to. It will lower the chances.

Draw bar is a trailer attachment device. Tongue is the point on a pintle mounted trailer which attaches to a ball or clevice on the tow vehicle.

yes there are types of lollipops that change your tongue colours responding to the colour of the lollipop

Yes, as long as the gauge is correct for the tongue piercing - for example : nipple bar is 14 gauge - usual tongue piercing jewellery is 14 gauge and the length of the nipple bar is the correct length for the wearers tongue (this varies from person to person). Basically - if it fits - wear it!

It heals quite quickly but i would leave it in and not change it for about a month just to make sure that it doesnt get infected when you change the bar cus the middle of the tongue may niot be completely healed

if it hurts it could be a slight infection or maybe its just a bit of a irritation from the tongue bar.

Your tongue. The tongue is a muscle, whereas the nose is built from cartilage. Also, a clamp is used in piercing the tongue, and the piercing bar is much wider. These are both very uncomfortable.

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