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Behind three of the doors it tells you to have a penguin.

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Q: When can you open the chocolate penguins in the Thorntons Advent Calendar?
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What are some of the purposes of an advent calendar chocolate?

A chocolate advent calendar is a fun way for children to count down the days in the month of December until Christmas. Everyday, the child can open a door on the calendar and get a shaped piece of chocolate as a treat.

How long does the chocolate last in a chocolate advent calendar?

Chocolate on an advent calendar appears to lasts for a period of about one month. It can be anywhere from twenty four to thirty one days according to the search results.

What should be on an advent calendar?

numbers pictures colours chocolate

Why are advent calendars called advent calendar?

Because its a calendar counting down the days of advent.

What was the day 5 prize on the Howrse advent calendar?

The advent calendar is no longer in operation.

Do you eat you advent calendar on the first day of advent?

You open the first window of the advent calendar on the first day of December.

When do you start eating chocolate on an advent calendar?

December 1st i think. that's when we start. but the true meaning of Christmas is not just the chocolate and presents, but christs birth

How are you supposed to eat a chocolate advent calendar?

one a day, that is part of the treat, learning patience and waiting for good things.

How many days are there on an Philippine advent calendar?

Philippines has 27 days included on an advent calendar.

What is an advent calendar?

An advent calendar is a calendar, used to count down the days of advent, after each day of advent goes past the owner would open a window, revealing a hidden picture or gift each day.

How does one properly spell 'advent calendar'?

The correct spelling of the above phrase is advent calendar. The calendar is so called advent as it is derived from the Latin word adventus, meaning coming, as in the coming of Christ.

Why was the first advent calendar made?

who made the first advent calender and why

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