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When can you see a rainbow?

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After it rains. the light goes through the clouds, which are acting like a prism.

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Do everyone see the same rainbow?

Does everyone see the same rainbow

Why do you see a rainbow?

We see rainbow due to the refraction of the sun's rays by rain .

Why and how do you see a rainbow?

You see a rainbow because you want to, and you do because you feel like it.

What are not the colors of the rainbow?

There is no color your eye can see that is not in the rainbow.

Why rainbow is always in opposite direction of sun?

The sun has to come over your shoulder to see a rainbow because if the sun is next to the rainbow it is near impossible to see. see

What is Duffy favorite color?

BLACK AND ORANGE and pink and blue white and green and yellow beacuse i can see the rainbow bow see the rainbow see the rainbow with u

Can a dog see a rainbow?

yes a dog can see a rainbow but it will not be able to see it very clearly like we do by -kayleen

How do you see a rainbow?

it is when it is cloudy and warm when it starts raining you can see it but the sun has to be out shining behing the rainbow a rainbow is like rain in front of you a rainbow is made by rain and sunshine and clouds

Is a rainbow a source of light?

No. In order to see a rainbow in front of you, there must be a source of light behind you, and the rainbow you see will only have the colors of the source in it.

Can you see a rainbow during a rainstorm?

Yes, you might just see a rainbow during a rainstorm.

What angle do you have to be at to see a rainbow?

One doesn't have to be at any specific angle to see a rainbow. What is Dependent on seeing the rainbow is the location of the rain, and sun relative to you. The sun is always behind a rainbow when seen. So you would be in front of the rainbow, rain, and the sun. Also, No two people see the same rainbow unless a picture or video was taken of the rainbow.

Is a rainbow a bow or a circle?

A rainbow is a circle. What we see from almost any point on earth is a semicircle, or just a part of the rainbow. We can only see it from horizon to horizon, or just an arc of the whole rainbow. Occasionally we can see a full circle of a rainbow in the sky surrounding the sun, and sometimes multiple ones.

Where is the sun when you see a rainbow?

it is behind your head when you face the rainbow It is behind and above your head when you face the rainbow.

Where do you see rainbow?

In the sky

When its raining you see these?


How do we replace rainbow with a pronoun?

The pronoun that takes the place of the noun rainbow is it.Example: Look at the rainbow. Can you see it?

What has light to do with a ranbow?

when you see a rainbow you see light

Can I see the sheet music for Over The Rainbow?

Somewhere over the rainbow :d

What is the meaning of seeing of a rainbow?

when you see a rainbow is showing us how blessed we are in this world....

Why is there no pink in the rainbow?

there is pink in a rainbow people cant see it from this far away.

Why do not you see a rainbow during most rainstorm?

Because in order to see a rainbow, the sun must be in a clear patch of sky.

In which season and month do you see rainbow?

We see a rainbow during a rainy season and in the months of august - september. By Kavish shah

What does it mean when you see the end of a rainbow?

you can't see the end of a rainbow - they are circles! they just look like arches because you can't see the other half!

What colour is a granny smiths apple?

red and yellow and pink and green,orange and purple and blue I can see a rainbow see a rainbow can you see one too

If you see rainbow where is the sun?

behind you