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Q: When can you smoke after having a wisdom tooth removed?
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How long should you wait to smoke after having a wisdom tooth pulled?

i wouldn't smoke at all.

Is 60 too old wisdom tooth removed?

No. I am 61 and just had a wisdom tooth removed. No problem.

Can you drink juice after having your wisdom teeth removed?

Getting your wisdom teeth removed can be quite painful. You can drink juice after having them removed so long as you don't use a straw.

Can your teeth straighten out after having your wisdom teeth removed?

They might a little, if the wisdom tooth or teeth were really crowding them, but it won't be a huge amount.

Can you smoke after getting a tooth removed?


What to do if food gets in the socket after you have a wisdom tooth removed?

get it out

Can you run after having wisdom teeth removed?

For a while ( few days) after your wisdom teeth are removed, it is advisable to do nothing that might disturb the blood clots that have formed in the tooth socket. That would include running or jumping.

Can you play footy after having your wisdom tooth pulled out?

Yes you can, wisdom is not required.

What can grow in the space where wisdom tooth was removed?

If not cleaned properly bacteria.

When does a wisdom tooth need to be surgically removed?

Wisdom teeth need to be surgically removed when they become bothersome to the person or they are crowding the other teeth. It is very painful to have them removed.

How long do you have after a wisdom tooth starts to surface do you have to get it removed?

If it doesn't give you any trouble it doesn't have to be removed.

Are wisdom tooth stitches painful?

The ache from having the tooth removed will be such that you won't even notice the stitches. Ice packs will help the swelling. After a couple days you will pretty much return to normal.

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