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The mass of the product would be equal to the mass of the carbon plus the mass of the oxygen. The result would be CO2.

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What is the product when carbon and oxygen combine chemically?

carbon dioxide

When chemically combine carbon and oxygen what have i formed?


When carbon and oxygen combine chemically the mass of product is?


What 3 elements chemically combine to form glucose?

Carbon Hydrogen Oxygen

When carbon dioxide is formed when two oxygen atoms chemically combine with a carbon atom?

Carbon dioxide is the product of a combustion reaction.

What chemically happens when charcoal burns?

carbon reacts with oxygen to give carbon dioxide gas

What happens when elements are combined chemically?

A compound is formed. For example, carbon + oxygen -> carbon dioxide.

Is calcium bicarbonate formed when carbone dioxide and water combine chemically?

No. Water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen, and carbon dioxide is carbon and oxygen. Neither contains calcium.

What elements are in a molecule?

Almost any element can be in a molecule. Carbon and hydrogen can chemically combine to form hundreds, if not thousands, of different hydrocarbons like methane, propane, and butane. Hydrogen and oxygen can combine to form water and hydrogen peroxide. Carbon and oxygen can combine to form carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

What element does carbon hydrogen and oxygen form?

None. If carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen happen to chemically combine, they form an organic compound. 'Compound', not element. (These 3 substances are each an element).

What happens when helium combines with oxygen?

Helium doesn't combine with oxygen. Helium is chemically inert because it has completely filled valence orbitals.

Atoms of carbon and oxygen can combine to form?

Carbon and oxygen can combine to form carbon dioxide. This will occur with one atom of carbon and two atoms of oxygen.

What oxygen and carbon combine to form calcite?

Calcium, Oxygen and Carbon

Which combines eaiser carbon and fluorine or Carbon and Oxygen?

Carbon and oxygen combine easier!

What is formed when 2 different elements combine chemically?

A compound is formed. For example, Hydrogen and Oxygen chemically combine to form Water "H2O"

When carbon and oxygen combine what do they form?

carbon monoxide

What elements combine to form limestone?

Carbon, calcium and oxygen combine to form oxygen.

What happens to energy when carbon and oxygen atoms combine?

Energy is given off since it can't be destroyed.

What is the difference between carbon dioxide and oxygen?

Oxygen gas is composed of two oxygen atoms chemically linked together. Carbon dioxide is composed of one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms chemically linked together. The carbon is oxydized to a 4+ state.

Which two elements combine chemically to make water?

Hydrogen and Oxygen.

Does nitrogen combine with other elements?

Yes. Oxygen and Carbon.

What do you get when you combine one carbon and three oxygen?

Carbon trioxide

When carbon and oxygen are chemically combined what are they called?

an oxidation

What new substance if one molecule of carbon combine with two molecule of oxygen?

It is sort of tricky question. One molecule of carbon can combine with only one molecule of oxygen. It can not combine with two molecules of oxygen. Incidentally one molecule of carbon is composed of one atom of carbon. One molecule of oxygen is composed of two atoms of oxygen.

When a candle burns what compounds are combine with oxygen?

Carbon is combined with oxygen forming carbon dioxide.

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