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Only the transmission needs to be removed. One day.

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What does it men when an automatic car jerks in to fourth gear?

When an automatic car jerks into fourth gear it could be the transmission. You may need transmission fluid or a new transmission. A licensed mechanic can check the car.

Where is the transmission filter on a 1994 Honda accord automatic?

this is not a owner serviceable part take it to a mechanic

Transmission Service?

form_title=Transmission Service form_header=Keep your transmission running efficiently. Let us find a mechanic to run a transmission service for you. What is the year, make and model of your vehicle?=_ Do you have a manual or automatic transmission?= {(),Manual,Automatic} When was the last time you had your transmission fluid changed?=_

Automatic transmission fluid squeeling very loud?

Automatic transmission fluid does not squeal. You have a different problem. Brakes squeal, bearings squeal, and belts squeal. Fluids do not squeal. You had better take your vehicle to a mechanic.

Where is a automatic transmission sensor located on a 2004 jeep liberty?

you need to take out the engine and its behind it, take it to a mechanic

How do you change the automatic transmission filter on a 2007 Honda odyssey?

Take it to a mechanic then go to brothel while waiting.

How much is the average cost to convert a Jeep Wrangler transmission from manual to automatic?

The cost of converting a Jeep Wrangler from a manual transmission to an automatic one will be approximately $4,000 in parts alone. If you choose to have a mechanic do the work, it will be approximately another $1,000 to $1,500. These figures depend on your geography and the skill level of the mechanic in question.

Automatic transmission problems shifting unless the you let off the gas?

This more than likely your transmission starting to slip. You should take it to a reliable mechanic to fix this.

Can you change a Toyota Tacoma manual transmission to an automatic transmission and is it costly?

This can be a complicated procedure. The exact price will vary by mechanic and will depend on the parts used and amount of labor.

What if your 94 Ford exp 4wd is loosing trans fluid but no signs of leak any suggestions?

I'm not a mechanic / technician but I have read that if the vacuum modulator on your automatic transmission is bad than fluid out of the automatic transmission can be sucked into the engine

Why does a 2002 Toyota Echo automatic shifter move freely but does not go into any gear?

Because your transmission cable is broken and it must be broken near the transmission end You have to See your mechanic in transmission to replace it

98 Dodge Neon Automatic shifts gears late what could be the problem and how much to fix?

check transmission fluid then go to transmission mechanic. problem may be in computer and be a simple fix

Why would your car make a grinding sound when changing gear?

If your car is making a grinding sound when changing gear the problem depends on whether or not your car has an automatic transmission. If your car has a manual transmission: 1. You may not be pressing the clutch down far enough when you change gears or there may be a problem with the clutch linkage. 2. The springs in the transmission separating the clutch plates may be weakening. 3. There may be another problem in the shifting mechanism. If it does not go away if you press a little harder on the clutch, have a mechanic look at it. If your car has an automatic transmission take it to the shop immediately and hope it does not break down on the way.

What does gear ratio incorrect mean?

The transmission control module has detected that the transmission is trying to mechanically shift to a lower gear than intended. Try dropping the transmission oil pan and changing the transmission oil and filter. If this does not fix it you will have to have it looked at by a mechanic.

Is a 1995 Ford Rangerexplorer automatic 4 speed transmission interchangeable with a 1992 Ford Explorer sport?

I'm not a mechanic/technician but the 1995 Explorer transmission is a 4R55E (electronically controlled) transmission and the 1992 Explorer is an A4LD transmission so I don't think so .

How much should a mechanic charge you for changing a transmission on a 1991 Honda Civic if you provide the transmission?

Around $250-300 lowball should be expected, though $400 would not be out of the question (in my opinion).

Why my automatic transmission 1997 Ford Aspire will not go into gear?

Do you have enough transmission fluid in the trans? Be sure it is full and you will notice and instant change. If not, have a transmission mechanic check the bands to ensure there is no slippage, otherwise, I'm not sure. I hope this helps, E200

How Does a Mechanic Perform Transmission Repair?

Transmission repair is a kind of auto-work that is performed to repair the transmissions in motor vehicles. The transmission is the part of a vehicle that transfers electrical energy from the vehicle’s engine and adapts it for use by the vehicle’s wheels. Typical kinds of transmissions include automatic and manual transmissions. Automatic transmissions are the most common kind in North America. An automatic transmission has the ability to automatically select its own gear ratio unlike a manual transmission. Like many things in a vehicle, the parts of a transmission can become worn out or damaged. At this point, a transmission repair will have to be performed by a qualified transmission mechanic. First, the transmission mechanic will need to test the transmission. This is usually performed by the mechanic taking the vehicle for a test ride. This ride will help him or her diagnose the problem. During the ride, the mechanic will observe any sounds, movements, or performance issues that are tell tale signs of what could be wrong with the transmission. If problems are found, the car will need to driven into a garage and raised to an elevated level using hoists. The mechanic will then use a number of different tools to remove the transmission from the vehicle. The transmission will then be taken apart. Any worn out or broken parts that are found will be discarded and then replaced. After working parts are installed into the transmission, a number of different adjustments will be made to improve the transmission’s performance. This may include adjusting certain transmission bands, gears, or pumps using a number of different wrenches. After these adjustments have been made, the transmission will be reinstalled into the elevated vehicle. The mechanic will then fill the transmission with new transmission fluid. The mechanic will also make a number of adjustments to different linkages. The final step of transmission repair is a second test drive. Again, the mechanic will drive the vehicle and pay close attention to any sounds, movements, or other signs that will tell him or her if the transmission repair solved the problem. If everything seems fine, the vehicle will be returned to its owner.

What do you do when your automatic transmission Civic will go forward but will not go in reverse?

You may want to check your ATF level, if your ATF level is good, then there is a more advanced problem within your transmission, and you will need to see your local mechanic.

What does it men when an automatic car jerks in to fourth gear-?

If a car jerks into fourth gear, the transmission may be slipping. The car could also need transmission fluid. A licensed mechanic can help with more information.

Why does 92 buick transmission slip into neutral?

If it's an automatic transmission the linkage needs to be adjusted. On a manual transmission when it pops out of gear it means there may be a bad synchronize for that gear a mechanic will need to repair. Once in a while a manual transmission will start doing this if it is low on gear oil.

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