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You need a Ford heater hose disconnect tool. You need the one with a handle to get back into the tight area. You slip the U shape end of the tool into the matching grove of the heater hose and push and pull back and forth and it'll come loose. I'ld replace the O rings will I had it apart. When you put it back together, you just have to push it back on. Make sure it locks into place. Or you can do it without the tool..The best way, if you're sure the heater core is gone and you are replacing it, is to cut the tubes just on the outside of the firewall or just inside whichever gives you best access. The hoses are connected to the heater with special clips which makes connection easy but disconnection almost impossible. When removing hoses make sure to mark the hoses (which goes on top) for proper replacement. be sure to use new plastic inserts available at the dealer. Use a little Vaseline or liquid soap to lubricate the rubber rings so as not to damage them and allow them to slip on easily. Cutting the heater tubes will save you a bundle in not buying the special tool.

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Q: When changing the heater core on a 1992 ford aerostar how do you change and reconnect the hoses?
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