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When changing the spark pluson a 1988 corvette how do you get to 2 and 4?

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Without removing any parts...Take a sprk-plug socket and install it on the spark plug. The end of a spark plug socket has a 1" hex on the end. Take a 1" box-end wrench and take them out a twist at a time. Make sure the engine is COLD prior to doing this, as the aluminum heads will be damaged if Warm or Hot. Pre-gap the plugs and install the compression gaskets, and then coat the threads of each plug with anti-seize compound. This keeps the dis-simular metals from reacting and causing damge to the heads, and also makes it much easier to remove later. The torque requirement for the L98 engine, on the plugs is 12 Ft. Lbs. Obviously, there is no room between the air conditioner compressor to get a torque wrench. If you install #6 and #8 first, with the aid of a torque wrench, you can get a rough idea what 12 Ft, Lbs. feels like. NOW YOU KNOW WHY THE DEALERS GET SO MUCH FOR THIS TUNE-UP!!! Good luck, and be very patient. I consider myself to be a fairly good mechanic, but I just did my '88 and it took about an hour and a half to do the plugs properly.

2006-11-03 16:32:41
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