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Methadone is more appropriate if you are using higher doses of opiates. Methadone is more appropriate during pregnancy.

Methadone is more appropriate if you have chronic, severe pain. Buprenorphine is more appropriate if you want to eventually get off all drugs. It's easier to get off of Buprenorphine than to get off of Methadone. In the U.S., Buprenorphine can be prescribed by any physician who has been certified to prescribe it. Methadone, on the other hand, can only be prescribed (for opiate addiction) in special clinics. Thus, you can get Buprenorphine in a regular doctor's office (if the doctor is certified) rather than having to go to a special clinic. Some people prefer this, since when you go to a regular doctor's office nobody in the lobby knows you're a drug addict.

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Q: When choosing a detox method what are the pros and cons of Methadone vs Buprenex?
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where can i get help to detox from methadone at the shelby county methadone clinic?

The Shelby County Treament Center can help you with methadone detox.

Will detox drinks make you withdraw if you are on methadone?

Yes, detox drinks can cause you to withdraw while on methadone.

How do you detox off a small dose of methadone?

If you have only taken a small dose and you do not frequently take methadone, you shouldn't go through a detox at all. People who detox off methadone take it every day for an extended period.

What should you take for coming off of methadone?

You should detox from methadone in a medical detox facility. Methadone detox is the worst of all the opiates -- much worse than heroin -- lasts about twice to three times as long, and can be fatal in some cases. Suboxone is often used clinically for methadone detox, along with supporting medications as needed.

When can you switch to methadone from suboxone?

The whole point of Suboxone detox is not to have to go on methadone and remain addicted.

How long does detox from methadone pills take?

about 3 weeks

What can you take to get methadone out of your system?

Time. You can't wash it out. We suggest a medical detox facility, since methadone detox is even worse than heroin, and lasts three times as long.

What is the best way to detox off methadone?

Ive been in detox twice from methadone. they gave me clonadine(which is prescribed for high blood pressure) according on how much methadone you are taking the more severe the withdrawals will be . I was on 60 mg daily and the withdrawals werent that severe

What is harder to detox off of methadone or heroin?

Methadone is by far more difficult to get clean from i know ive done it all . Stay clear of methadone you will be on it for years ......

How do you detox from opiodes?

find a methadone clinic in your area it really helps

How long before methadone works after suboxone?

Even though Buprenorphine (Suboxone, Buprenex, Subutex) is used as an opiate maintenance medication, just like Methadone, they work in different ways with the natural opiate receptors in the body. Whereas with Methadone you must detox down to 40mg (0mg is preferred) and then wait at least 48 hours before beginning a Suboxone regimen; Methadone can be started almost immediately after discontinuing Suboxone use. At least 24 hours is recommended to be sure that the antagonist properties of the Buprenorphine have subsided. During the pre-screening at your chosen Methadone clinic be sure to tell them that you are on Suboxone and at what milligrams in case they have specific protocols.

What medications are used to detox black tar heroine addict?

Methadone or Suboxene

Can you use opana to detox heroin?

LOL no!! Suboxone or Methadone are the best bets.

How long does it take to detox from 5mgs of methadone?

3 DAYSand depending on your withdrawals.

How can you detox your body from opiates without feeling pain?

if your on heroin then methadone or suboxone.

How long takes to detox from seboxin?

I was on 40 mgr. of methadone for a bout 9 years, I started to take 2 mgr. of seboxin 2 weeks ago. How long I need to detox from methadone on seboxin? and how to stop taking seboxin?

Why is it dangerous for a pregnant woman to detox off methadone?

Detoxing off of methadone during pregnancy could cause birth complications and result in a miscarriage.

Can you have children on methadone?

Yes, you can. If you do get pregnant while on methadone, do , PLEASE , PLEASE , not detox. At best it will be a shaky experience for you. At worst, you can end up having a miscarriage.

Why do some people take methadone if they are addicted to Oxycontin?

Methadone is used to treat people who are addicted to opiates such as oxycontin. Many people enter treatment facilities and take methadone to help themselves to get off the opiates and eventually detox from the methadone.

How long to detox from 150mg per day of methadone?

a long long time 2mg aweek

Can your work stop you working cause you are on methadone I drive 10 ton forklifts?

No. Methadone is a very mild opiate in terms of its "high", that is why it is chosen by drug clinics to detox from opiates. As long as you are on a dose of methadone that is appropriate, you will not have to stop work or feel any major effects from methadone.

What happens if you take suboxone together with methadone?

The purpose of Suboxone is to detox you from opiate drugs like methadone. If you are taking it, there is no point in taking the methadone, and vice-versa, unless you want to quit both. Combining suboxone and methadone can also make you very sick and result in severe withdrawals.

If you have a rx for methadone from a MD is this ok?

If I have a prescription from my doctor for methadone and take it very responsably,with the hope of a two year detox. I have to take a swab test. will this pick up the methadone that I have been on for over one year, without any othetrproplems

How long does methadone withdrawal take after you stop injecting 10 mgs of it per day for a month?

Well, methadone is an extremely powerful narcotic pain killer. It's actually the first step in a gradual detox program from heroine. By a month, your body has already created receptors to replace the ones blocked by the opioids in the methadone. Withdrawals are going to be excruciating and miserable for upwards of 72 hours, and probably will fail. Best method of detox is to find a source of oxycodone or low-dose morphine, and then wean down to low-dose hydrocodone, and then drop the meds completely. Otherwise, strap yourself down in a detox clinic and ride out the few days. You'll feel like death until it's over with. There is no quick detox that can be done on your own, in all probability. Good luck.

What is methadone used for?

Methadone is giving for two reason one is for chronic pain and the other is to detox a person who is addicted to opiates. methadone is an opiod which is addictive its self but it stays in your body longer and you dont get the high feeling from whatever opiates you were using and then when the dr feels its time they will slowly bring you off the methadone