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he gets angry and try's to kill Odysseus and his men

thehehehehe this is for mr.collins students who are cheating and using the computer for a quiz ;]

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Once circe realizes who Odysseus is why does her attitude toward him change?

because he is cursed by the gods

Why is Odysseus surprise by Penelope's attitude toward him?

Because she knows that the begger is odysseus from the bow test.

If a girl has an attitude how do you change her attitude?

You can change her attitude by doing what you are trying to change her. An example of this is, if you want to change her bad attitude toward her parents, you must also do so as to your parent what you are telling her. I tried it and it was successful.

What is China's attitude toward entrepreneurship and how did it change?

China's attitude toward entrepreneurship is now much more positive than it was in the past.

How does Ethans attitude toward the from grave yard change?


Why does Juliet's attitude toward romeo change?

Nyanyanyanyana she got laid

How did the Wagner act change the federal government's approach toward labor unions?

Change government attitude toward union via union

How can you change your attitude toward being late?

You can schedule your time or just get a planner.

What was the Transcendentalists' general attitude toward slavery?

That it was wrong and they had an obligation to change it

In The Giver what is the attitude toward mirrors?

what is the attitude toward mirrors in the giver

How does Reverend Hale's attitude toward the court change?

His attitude doesn't change, he believed them to be innocent and foul play not witchcraft was to blame for the events happening in salem.

How did Thomas Paine change people's attitude toward government?

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How did Americans attitude toward slavery change?

people started to figure out slavery was not right

How does Annabeth's attitude change toward Percy in Percy Jackson?

She starts to like him more.

What was the Transcendentalists' general attitude toward child labor?

That it was wrong and they had an obligation to change it

What was Annie's attitude toward the Keller family?

what was annie's attitude toward the keller's family?

What was Samuel parris attitude toward children?

what was samuel parris's attitude toward children?

How does Jem's attitude toward Atticus change after the mad dog incident?

Hedescribeshis attitude towards him by saying: "Atticus is a Gentleman, just like me!"

How did British attitude change toward the colonies after the French and Indian war?

It changed because slaves were in it

What is cherry's and ponyboy's attitude toward fighting?

the attitude toward there fighting was very hurtful for the both of them to handle

What is mayella's attitude toward everyone in the courtroom?

mayellas attitude toward the courtroom is very sassy (cocky)

What word describes the author's attitude toward his subject?

The "tone" describes the author's attitude toward his/her subject.

What does Scrooge tell the last spirit he is willing to do?

Change. Scrooge promised the spirit to change his attitude toward life and money and his fellowman.

Explain the change in charlie attitude toward algernon?

I dont know because i didnt read the book........

Refers to the authors or speakers attitude toward the subject?

Tone refers to the author's or speaker's attitude toward the subject.