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Such a small amount of water will require small amounts of chlorine. Not a good idea to use Clorox bleach. Purchase a test kit and thru repeat testing will you know what it takes for your pool at any given time. Vague, but there is no given formula for every situation.



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Clorox is a brand name of bleach, and it will kill sperm, but care should be taken when cleaning with it because it can damage many objects, including living tissue.

Could you put a drop of Clorox bleach in your own drinking water? yes, it's technically possible. However, it should not be done. Bleach is poisonous. Cleaning a puppy's water bowl with bleach is acceptable, as long as the bleach evaporates (dries) before water is put in.

You should not use Clorox or any type of bleach to keep cats away. Clorox and bleach are poisonous and can kill the cats.

Clorox is a bleach and will cause your scalp to burn possibly.

bleach,oxi bleach,vinegar,pressure washer,clorox,oxy clean

never. Clorox will make your sking more damaged than it already is

If you are emptying all the water from the tank and cleaning it for storage then cleaning the tank with a solution of 10% or less bleech in water would be okay. Be sure to rinse the tank well. After it has dried over a period of time the bleach will have dissipated to the air. *keep in mind bleach should net be used on porous fish tank decorations.

Your already clearing up the ring worm from bleach. But just use bleach twice through out a 4 day period. That should work

You should indeed be concerned with breathing in vapors of any Clorox Bleach. Clorox is a highly alkaline substance (with a pH >7.0). and as such may be corrisive to damp tissue -- mucous membranes like the nose and throat, and the lungs, as well as the eyes.You should always use any bleach in a well-ventilated environment so you don't breathe the fumes, or wear a HEPA filter.Take a look at the Clorox bottle for lots of details about this., 2 Jun 2008 (UTC)geraint pursey

1 ounce of bleach for 32 ounces of water for daily cleaning, 3 ounces of bleach for 32 ounces of water for a deep cleaning (do not use this more than once a month.

Don't do it. Clorox isn't the type of bleach for hair. If you want to bleach your hair, go to the store, and buy hair lightener. It might be expensive, but you should do that instead. Here's why Clorox isn't good for bleaching hair. The main ingredient in Clorox is sodium hypochlorite, also known as chlorine bleach. It is also a common ingredient in drain openers and is used to help dissolve hair. Chlorine can lighten hair or turn it an odd color, but it also makes it finer. Your hair will end up fried if you bleach it with Clorox. Or your hair may be completely dissolved and you may even end up with chemical burns. Therefore, don't do it. It's good for white fabrics, but not for hair.

A chemical reaction will occur which generates heat and liberates chlorine gas. Clorox should not be allowed to come into contact with organic materials due to the chlorine gas hazard.

None. That is extremely unhealthy to your child.

If it's ordinary household bleach, 1/2 cup will be sufficient.

Yes, it also helps to clean it with Clorox bleach if it gets to dirty but wash it out really well

Some cleaning products contain bleach, while others contain ammonia. For that reason, you should never mix household cleaning products.

A mix of bleach and water should suffice in cleaning mold off anything. Use one part bleach to two parts water but make sure you wear gloves to do it.

Clorox destroys gold. Don"t EVER put real gold in Clorox. People who handle cleaning materials and chemicals should remove their gold jewelry while cleaning dishes, laundry, etc. if any form of Clorox is used. It is even recommended (addressing long-term exposure) to remove gold jewelry while in hot tubs, due to the high concentration of Clorox in the water (you can smell it). So, to answer your question...I don't know if that proves the gold is fake. However, since Clorox causes irreparable damage to gold (breaking it down, making it brittle), I'd think that it would be normal to get a black smudge after dipping your gold in Clorox for 30 minutes. Not a good test at all.

Windex,some Clorax Bleach for the toilet, any shower cleaner, and some Pinesol to mop with, and all of your bathroom cleaning needs should be covered.

As a housekeeper, I have found you should never mix any type of chemical with bleach. Some people say you can mix dish detergent but it can also cause hazardous gases.

If you are using that cleaning in hospital or other highly infected areas, like cleaning human waste on a surface, one day. For household basic cleaning it´s sufficient enough for a week. Remember: There is a difference between clean, sanitary, and sterile. Remember: Cold water should be used for dilution as hot water decomposes the active ingredient of bleach and renders it ineffective. Remember: Bleach should not be used together or mixed with other household detergents as this reduces its effectiveness in disinfection and causes chemical reactions.

A 6 minute car wash and rinse will use up to 60 gallons of water, you should try steam cleaning its much more water efficient.

Selectrocide 200mg should take care of a 55 gallon . Circulate. Let it sit overnight slowly drain and then flush the same way :)

You should use about 15oz. if bleach to reach between 1.5-3.5ppm chlorine.Hope this helpRobert

You should absolutely not ingest clorox. Even the fumes are not good to be around. Call the poison control hotline and get directions and go to a hospital if you have drinken clorox.

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