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When closing the sun roof of 2006 hybrid highlander does it stops automatically when fully closed?

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June 23, 2009 8:00PM

The answer below is incorrect. The sunroof switch must be programmed or initialized. The dealer was supposed to do this during "dealer prep" but didn't. Some dealers are unaware of the procedure altogether.

From the owner's manual:

"To normalize the moon roof, push and hold the switch toward the "Tilt UP" side. Then moon roof will tilt up and down, then slide open and close. After the slide close operation, release the switch.

Make sure that the moon roof opens and closes automatically. If the moon roof cannot be operated properly, have it checked by your Toyota dealer."

You will need to do this anytime the battery is disconnected or fully discharged.

Sounds like Toyota hasn't improved the switch since my 2004.. You have to look up at the sunroof and stop it when fully closed. After many times getting out and checking it you will know when it is closed. Why can't a stop be programmed in?