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Copper metal does not have enough reactivity to react with sulfuric acid.

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HOW Copper metal reacts with hot concentrated sulfuric acid?

Cu + 2 H2SO4 --------------> CuSO4 + SO2 + 2H2O

Does copper oxide fizz when it's put in sulfuric acid?

Yes, Copper oxide does fizz when it reacts with Sulphuric Acid

What is the acid that reacts with copper 2 carbonate to give a blue solution?

When dilute sulfuric acid reacts with copper(II) carbonate, blue copper(II) sulfate solution is produced.

What do you see when copper reacts with sulfuric acid?

Copper does not produce hydrogen when reacted with sulfuric acid. It may react with concentrated H2SO4 in order to undergo a red-ox reaction.

What occurs when copper reacts with dilute sulfuric acid?

Hydrogen gas is liberated along with the formation of copper sulphate.

Will sulfuric acid corrode copper?

Concentrated sulfuric acid might, but dilute sulfuric acid does not corrode copper.

What is the type of acid which produces a sulfate when reacted with a metal?

Sulfuric acid produces sulfates when it reacts with metals.

Why is copper sulphate not a metal?

Copper sulphate is a compound. Copper is the metal, there is no such metal as copper sulphate. Copper sulphate is generally formed when copper reacts with sulphuric acid.

Does sulfuric acid react with copper?

Concentrated sulfuric acid will react with copper giving sulfur dioxide and copper inns. Dilute acid doesn't show any reaction as copper metal cannot displace electrons from hydrogen.

What is the reaction of dilute sulfuric acid and copper?

copper does not react with sulfuric acid.

Why copper reacts with nitric acid and not with HCl?

Copper is an inert metal and reacts with those acids only which have oxidizing ability as HNO3.

Does Acetic acid dissolve copper?

No, acetic acid is a weak acid and copper is a fairly unreactive metal. Copper only reacts with some strong acids.

Will any metal stand against sulfuric acid?

depends on the concentration. for example, dilute sulfuric acid does not react with copper, however when it is concentrated it will oxidize copper to copper sulfate being itself reduced to sulfur dioxide.

Formula when aluminum metal reacts with sulfuric acid?

Aluminium + sulfuric acid makes aluminum sulphate + water Al+H2 SO4 makes Al SO4 +H2

What metal is left when zinc reacts with sulfuric acid?

This reaction yields zinc sulphate and hydrogen gas.

Does sulfuric acid fizzes with copper?

No sulfuric acid will not fizz with copper. It would only react with copper if it was not diluted, or concentrated and hot.

What is the product formed when Copper sulphate reacts with sulfuric Acid?

COPPER SULPHATE CRYSTAL.. CuSO4.5H2O + H2SO4 ___________ CuSO4 + 5H2O in the above reaction sulphric acid acts as a dehydrating agent..

What sodium chloride reacts sulfuric acid?

Sodium chloride doesn't react with sulfuric acid.

What is produced when an acid reacts with a metal?

What is produced when a acid reacts with a metal

What is the chemical equation for copper sulfatesulfur dioxideand water?

The chemical equation for when copper metal reacts with sulfuric acid to form copper(II)sulfate, sulfur dioxide gas, and water is Cu + 2 H2SO4 => CuSO4 + SO2 + 2 H2 O.

What reacts with or changes silver?

Silver reacts with sulfuric and nitric acid.

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