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The electrical resistance of the material.

All materials have some electrical resistance except for superconductors.

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Q: When current passes through a conductor what makes the conductor heat up?
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Air is the poor conductor but during lightning electric current passes through itwhy?

air becomes good conductor during lightning and thunderstorm as usually it is a bad conductor because when there is lightning the lightning bolt travel through air,an electron flow takes place. this electron flow through the air leaves behinfd it a little hollow channel in the air it produces charge and air gets charged with this and becomes good conductor during lightning and thundestorm. thanx.......... prachi singh india

Why nickel is not advisable to be used as conductor of electrical current?

A: Nickel has a very low point melting value which for that fact makes undesirable as conductor.

Which property makes it difficult for current to pass through?

Resistance in the circuit makes it difficult for current to pass through.

What law has ohms in it?

Ohm's Law states that Voltage = Current x Resistance. Usually written as V = I x RAnswerNot Ohm's Law, which makes no reference to resistance.Ohm' Law states that 'the current flowing through a conductor is directly proportional to the applied voltage, providing the temperature of the conductor remains constant'.

What happens to light when it passes through a rectangular block?

it makes a rainbow!

What makes an electric current?

An electric current is the movement of the conduction band electron "gas" in a conductor. This can be induced in various ways:Application of a voltage difference across the conductor.Having magnetic flux lines "cut through" the conductor, which will push the electron "gas" perpendicular to the plane the flux lines "cut".Connecting the conductor to 2 dissimilar metals and placing the metals in an electrolyte. Corrosion of one of the metals will cause current in the conductor.etc.

Does electricity flow through conductors?

Yeah... That's what makes it a Conductor and not an Insulator.

What is the difference between over current and overload condition?

The term, 'overcurrent', describes either an 'overload current' or a 'short-circuit current'.An 'overload current' is a current that is higher than a circuit's 'rated current'. For example, if you have too many loads plugged into the same circuit, then the resulting current is an 'overload current'.A 'short-circuit current' is a large current resulting when a line ('hot') conductor accidentally makes contact with either a neutral conductor or an earth (ground) conductor.

What a moving magnet makes?

makes current flow through a magnet

What makes a bulb light?

In simple terms, the current passes through the tungsten filament present in the bulb which causes it to heat instantaneously into red hot to white hot and hence light energy emits.

What is the object that allows you to passes through without scattered?

This question makes no sense. Therefore, there is no answer.

Can electricity be ran through solid Chocolate?

Yes ... but it makes a mess as chocolate is a lousy conductor.