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When dating is beauty really in the eyes of the beholder?

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2012-04-11 12:27:43

Beauty is ALWAYS in the eye of the beholder in every aspect of

life....not just dating. Beauty can only be judged by each

individual person's own ideas of beauty. One man's homely dog is

another man's beauty queen.

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I'm in agreement, for instance all the girls in school are in love

with a guy because he's "SO" hot, but then you think he's not hot

nor cute, but the school's ugly duckling is on fire. You know what

i mean?

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Definitely, there is no real definition of beauty, everyone has a

different definition. When it comes to dating and everything else,

go with your opinion. That special person is going to be the most

beautiful being in the world...

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The issue of subjectivity is apparent. Are the above views biased

or objective ? Is the actual phrase an old cliche ? What do the

studies by Social Psychologists tell us ? Human physical "beauty"

appears to be an emotive subject and such emotion can cloud

meaningful research. However, what definition of "beauty" do we

share in order to have a rational debate ?

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At the beginning of the relationship you'll only notice the

external beauty. However over time this will change as you get to

know the person more, if they have nice personality and they're

compatible with your own then you'll see this individual as

beautiful. On the other hand if that person have unlikeable

personality, their physical beauty would mean nothing, you'll only

notice the negative features of this person whether its physically

or mentally (personality).

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