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Agnes of Rome died in 304.

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Where did Saint Agnes die?

Saint Agnes was martyred in Rome.

When did St. Agnes of Rome die?

St. Agnes died about the year 304.

Did Saint Agnes of Rome die a virgin?

Yes, Agnes died as a martyr and a virgin.

Where did Saint Agnes live?

She is called Agnes of Rome, so she lived and was martyred in Rome, Italy

Where did St. Agnes die?

St. Agnes died in the year 304 and the feast is celebrated on January 21.In Rome.

Where was St. Agnes of Rome born?

Agnes was born in Rome, Italy.

Where did Saint Agnes of Rome live?

Agnes lived and died in Rome, Italy.

Where can I find a short biography of St. Agnes of Rome?

Click this linkfor a biography of St. Agnes of Rome.

What country of orgin is St. Agnes from?

Agnes was from Rome, Italy.

Where did St. Agnes live?

St. Agnes lived in Rome.

What is the nationality of St. Agnes?

Agnes of Rome was a Roman citizen.

Where did Saint Agnes do her work?

Saint Agnes spent her short life in or around Rome.

Was St. Agnes of Rome always a Catholic?

Yes, Agnes was always a Catholic.

When is the feast day of Saint Agnes?

The feast of St. Agnes of Rome is January 21.

What was the country of origin of St. Agnes?

Agnes was from Rome in what today is known as Italy.

Where did Saint Agnes of Rome work?

St. Agnes was only 12 or 13 when she died so I doubt if she worked. She did live in Rome, however.

Where was Saint Agnes executed?

She was executed in Rome.

What the symbol of St. Agnes of Rome?

The lamb, a symbol of purity, is the symbol of St. Agnes.

How old was Saint Agnes when she died?

Saint Agnes of Rome was 12 or 13 years old when she was executed.

Is Saint Agnes of Rome the sister of Saint Clare?

No, it was St. Agnes of Assisi who was St. Clare's sister.

What virtues did Saint Agnes show?

Learn about the virtues of St. Agnes of Rome by clicking the link below.

Why is St. Agnes of Rome important?

Little Agnes chose to die rather than renounce her Christian beliefs and vow of chastity. She makes a wonderful role model for young people today.

Does Agnes die in the book The Great Gilly Hopkins?

Agnes doesn't die in the book The Great Gilly Hopkins. Agnes lives.

When did Agnes Keyser die?

Agnes Keyser died in 1941.

When did Agnes Jones die?

Agnes Jones died in 1868.

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