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When did America's video game industry revival start?


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April 07, 2015 4:08PM

"New Year's Day" (January 1, 2015) - And that's right, it might be probably because the following video game franchises are about to return, as there will probably be as of the end of 2015 (and beginning of 2016), these include "Bomberman" (as exclusive to Nintendo), "Nicktoons" and "School Squad" by TakeTwo Interactive (under license from Nick Games), Street Fighter, HubWorld Mix-Ups, and Marvel Universe by EA Games (under license from Capcom), "Crash Bandicoot" and "Jak and Dexter" by Naughty Dog (under license from ActiVision), "Mortal Kombat" and "Comedy Central Magazine Mix-Ups" by Tradewest, "DC Universe" by SNK Playmore, numerous Hasbro franchises under license by "EA Games", etc. as these franchises will finally be coming to Japan, the U.S. & Canada, PAL region: Europe, Australia and New Zealand; and all the rest of the world.