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Attack on Pearl Harbor - video game - happened in 2007.

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Q: When did Attack on Pearl Harbor - video game - happen?
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When was Attack on Pearl Harbor - video game - created?

Attack on Pearl Harbor - video game - was created in 2007.

Where could one find a video about the attack on Pearl Harbor?

A video about the attack on Pearl Harbor can be found at a local library in the history, or WW2 section. It can also be found on the internet on many historical information websites such as Time and History. As well as this there are lots of videos documenting the attack on Pearl Harbor to be found on video sharing sites such as YouTube.

Video movie about pearl harbo?

"Pearl Harbor" is one.

What movie scenes are used in Faith Hill's there you'll be video?

pearl harbor

Did the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese cause the US to enter World War 2?

Yes, as stated in President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's declaration of war speech that followed Japan's surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, as exemplified in the documentary video on Vickie Gail Miller's facebook page. Quite explicit.

What is barack Obama's favorite video game?

His favorite video game of all time is Medal of Honor: Rising Sun because it reminds him of Hawaii and Pearl Harbor.

What type of source is the pearl harbor movie?

NTSC Video Source. You would be able to buy it in PAL in Europe and, even maybe Secam in China

Where was Keyshia Cole's ''Heaven Sent'' music video filmed?

According to Wikipedia, it was shot on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, which is the same island on which Honolulu and Pearl Harbor are located.

What did the movie pearl habour show in relation to the actual pearl habour attack?

Well...I know that when it was being bombed...when it showed what the one guy was video taping...what he saw...they showed actual footage...I don't know if that really answers your question...but I !

Was there a zombie attack in russia?

No that video was from a video game calked stalker

Where can you find video of killer whale attack?

you can go to google and then type Where can you find video of killer whale attack? and click on you-tube

What does importing picture and video means?

its like bringing cargo into a harbor

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