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Australia began exiting the war in Vietnam in 1970 and most all troops were out of the country by 1973. They did briefly send troops back in 1975 to help Australian embassy workers evacuate during the Fall of Saigon.

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What was life after the Vietnam war in Australia?

The Vietnam war was NOT in Australia. It happened in Vietnam. Life in Australia did not change much due to the Vietnam war.

How did Australia end the Vietnam war?

Australia had nothing to do with the Vietnam War.

How did the Australia and Vietnam war start?

Australia never fought Vietnam.

How did Australia enter the Vietnam War?

Australia entered the Vietnam War because Australia feared that they would have to face the spread of Communism.

Australia Vietnam war?

Australia sent a regiment of Centurion tanks to Vietnam.

How did Australia react to the Vietnam War?

Australia became our ally in the war.

What was the nature of Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War?

Australia was in Vietnam as part of Britains alliance with the USA. Australia was there in a police action as was USA, not at war with Vietnam.

How was Australia affected in the Vietnam war?

Australia was drafting men to fight the war.

Why did Australia go to the Vietnam War?

Cause if Australia didn't, the communist in North Vietnam would separate south to Australia.

Who was the us ally in the Vietnam war?

Australia was a primary ally to the US during the Vietnam War.

Who did Australia help in the Vietnam War?

Australia was, and remains, an ally of the US.

How many troops did Australia send to the Vietnam War?

Australia maintained a military force of approximately 8,000 men in country during the Vietnam War.

How was Australia affected by the Vietnam war?

Australia deployed approximately 50,000 Australian Servicemen during the course of the Vietnam War; 19,000 men were draftees.

What was Robert menzies role in the Vietnam war against Australia?

he was the prime minister of Australia and he sent the troops to Vietnam

When did Australia become involved in the Vietnam War?

Australia officially committed one Infantry Battallion and supporting units to the Vietnam War on 29 April 1965.

Who was against who in the Vietnam war?

North Vietnam against South Vietnam The USA, Australia and New Zealand.

How did australians react to president johnsons visit to Australia during the Vietnam war?

President Johnson's visit to Australia during the Vietnam War was met by Australian anti-war protests.

What form of involvement did Australia have in the Vietnam War?

Australia sent Warships, Centurion tanks, and Infantrymen into the war.

When did the vietnamese settle in Australia?

They started to settle in Australia after the Vietnam war in 1975

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