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australian troops withdrawed in 1972 6 january

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If he was their president in '72; then yes.

The newly elected Gough Whitlam recognized North Vietnam and gave the order to withdraw Australian troops, in the short.

President Nixon was the President who promised to withdraw troops from Vietnam. The term Vietnamization was the plan that encouraged South Vietnam to take more responsibility for the war. Nixon hoped to gradually withdraw troops in this manner, and he succeeded and is credited with ending the Vietnam War.

About 600 Australian servicemen died in Vietnam.

a+ Withdraw troops from Vietnam

Mexican troops; Platoon 201

he promised to "withdraw troops from Vietnam"

France agreed to withdraw its troops

On 28 April, 1965, Australian Prime Minister, Robert Menzies, announced that Australian troops would be sent to support the United States forces in the Vietnam war. The first Australian troops arrived in Vietnam in May 1965.

Australian "Military Advisors" were sent to Vietnam in 1962. On April 29th, 1965, the Prime Minister, Sir Robert Menzies, committed Australian troops to fight in Vietnam. On November 30th, 1971, the last Australian combat troops left Vietnam. Over 60,000 ANZAC troops, many of them conscripts, fought in Vietnam.

the last of the troops were withdrawn in June 1973

Australian troops were sent to Vietnam on Robert Menzies orders (the Australian prime minister of the time). They were sent to Vietnam because Communism was spreading throughout Asia, and Menzies feared it coming to Australia, so he sent our troops in. Although, our troops only started out as advisers to our allies, but sometime later Menzies decided to send in our combat troops.

Australian troops entered into the Vietnam War on the 29th April 1965.

As in Vietnam, Australia was asked to by the US.

A peace agreement was reached with North Vietnam in which the U.S.and Australia would with draw there troops and North Vietnam would stop attacking South Vietnam. After the U.S. and Australia withdrew there troops North Vietnam broke it's agreement and attacked and over ran South Vietnam.

The same effect it had on American GI's, but on a lesser scale, due to the smaller population of Australia compared to America's bigger population, and the larger amount of US troops in Vietnam compared to the smaller amount of Australian troops in Vietnam.

Over 50,000 Australian servicemen fought in Vietnam. approx. 47000 men and a larged amount of women served

After the battle of Saigon becasue the U.S. was loosing hope of winning the war

two months before the first anzac day

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