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qAfter a big liberation which was taken 9 months . More than 30 lakhs people were dead &become mat yrs to make BANGLADESH independent.It was really a great history which is rear in the world's history.U know still Bangladeshis hate Pakistanis.Because it was only happened 4 them.I am so proud to become a BANGLADESHI............:)).....................^_^
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Where is Bangladesh?

It is located between southeastern India and Myanmar. Most of the country is in a pocket surrounded by India. It was formerly known as East Pakistan, part of historic Bengal that was established as an area of Islamic majority by the 1947 partition of India. It achieved its independence from Pakist ( Full Answer )

What is Bangladesh?

Bangladesh (The Peoples Republic of Bangladesh) was once known as East Pakistan, which was a region controlled by (and politically and economically bullied by) West Pakistan. The name "Bangladesh" means "Country of Bengal" in the official Bengali language. Together with the Indian state of West Ben ( Full Answer )

Why is Bangladesh poor?

The country lacking natural resource and colonial power took away the little resources available to country. After independence, the country failed to contemplate a long term vision to improve its poverty situation. In last 2-3 decades poverty is fallen drastically but recent food price increase cou ( Full Answer )

What is the zipcode of Bangladesh?

There's many depending on the city. The most popular is Dhaka, Dhaka (The capital) and the zip code there is 1212

Where is Bangladesh located?

When the british gave the Indian Subcontinent independence the area was divided into India, West Pakistan, and East Pakistan. What we call Bangladesh is the former East Pakistan. Bangladesh is located in the eastern part of South Asia, and is a part of the Indian subcontinent It is in a 'pocket' of ( Full Answer )

Who is the President of Bangladesh?

Abdul Hamid is the President of Bangladesh. He was elected President on April 22, 2013 after serving as Acting President following the death of President Zillur Rahman on March 20, 2013.Zillur rahman Abdul Hamid

What does Bangladesh export?

More than three quarters of Bangladesh's export earnings come from the garment industry. The rest is primarly frozen shrimp and fish, copper wire, followed by jute.

What wildlife is in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh there are lots of tigers but you cant find them inside the town you have to go SundarBan its one of the great place for Big cats. In Bangladesh there are many Many dogs such as bull dog.

What is the GNP for Bangladesh?

The GNP per capita for last fiscal year (2008) was $599. It is expected to increase at 6% this year to $635

Is Bangladesh a continent?

No. Bangladesh is an Asian country, formerly East Pakistan, that is almost completely surrounded by eastern India near Myanmar (Burma).

Flooding in Bangladesh?

Flooding in Bangladesh The severe flooding in Bangladesh started in 2007. It was formed by the Ghaghat River. As a result, the floods have caused lots of poverty, as people in Bangladesh have had to be living in flooded water so there weren't many places to grow crops. The water is also contaminated ( Full Answer )

Weather in Bangladesh?

The weather in Bangladesh is normally very hot and humid. But during winter it gets unusually cold. Then again the weather throughout the year is mostly hot.

What is Bangladesh famous for?

Bangladesh is famous for sunderbans (world's largest mangrove forest- a treasure chest of wild life), cox's bazaar beach (world's longest beach), the hill tracts (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f3/Chittagong_hill_tracks.jpg), its rivers and fertile land. Bangladesh is one of the ( Full Answer )

Can you get into Bangladesh?

If you are not Bangladeshi citizen that time most of the cases you need passport and visa to visit. For visa you can contact with Bangladesh Misissions Abroad (embassy) in your country.

What borders Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is bordered by the country of India. The country is alsobordered Burma, Mouths of the Ganges, and the Bay of Bengal.

Is Bangladesh developed?

It is still a devoloping country. Bangladesh is proverty stricken, and the dvelopment is very slow becasue Bangladesh is deprived of many things. But right now B-Desh is doing well. developing

How hot is Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is very hot in the summer but sometimes in the winter it can get very cold. you might think that there are a lot of plants there ,but there are not much, because there is not enough rain to give it all the energy it needs

What is the history of Bangladesh?

Main article: History of Bangladesh See also: History of Bengal . Lord Clive meeting with Mir Jafar after the Battle of Plassey.. Remnants of civilization in the greater Bengal region date back four thousand years, [6] when the region was settled by Dravidian, Tibeto-Burman, and Austro-Asiati ( Full Answer )

What is the geography in Bangladesh?

Geography Area: 147, 570 sq. km. (55,813 sq. mi.); about the size of Wisconsin. Cities: Capital--Dhaka (pop. 10 million). Other cities--Chittagong (2.8 million), Khulna (1.8 million), Rajshahi (1 million). Terrain: Mainly flat alluvial plain, with hills in the northeast and southeast. Clima ( Full Answer )

How old is Bangladesh?

It was founded in 16 December 1971, so on December 16, 2011, Bangladesh will become 40 years old.

How poor is Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a very poor country. Almost all the people in Bangladesh have no food or need help. The poor people go aroung streets, nock on doors and ask for only a bit of food, water and money. Only a few people in Bangladesh have a lot of money.

Who is bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a rapper who named himself after the country Bangladesh. Birth name is - Shondrae Crawford

Why does Bangladesh have floods?

Bangladesh gets floods for many reason . -70% is only 1metre above sea level . -80% flood plains . -deforestation . -little money to spend on flood prootection/defensive methods . -two major rivers run thruogh it . -increasing popuation . -heavy intense monsoon . and loads mo ( Full Answer )

What jobs are there in Bangladesh?

Most people work on farms as farmers or fishermen, although, somepeople own family businesses or shops. Many work in garmentfactories.

Why is Bangladesh called Bangladesh?

The name Bangladesh means "the nation of Bengal" ( Gônôprôjatôntri Bangladesh) . It is the Islamic-majority region of the historic state of Bengal in southeastern India.

Who is priminister Bangladesh?

liar hasinah although she is really mean she killed lots of people and used police to help her she even kicked her daughter out she cried so hard that she said that all of this nonsence has to stop or else it will go worse but we dont know what will happen it might not work or it might .subhanallah

What is Bangladesh study?

An O level subject to let the students to know about their own country,Bangladesh .In o level it is known as 'Bangladesh studies'.It consists of two paper.In first paper you will be able to know about Bangladesh's History and in second paper its all about Geography.This exam is only held on May. Ove ( Full Answer )

Where were the flood of Bangladesh?

in Bangladesh and covered almost half of Bangladesh. 70% of Bangladesh's land is flat and low. 10% of Bangladesh is rivers, swamps and lakes.

Does Bangladesh have a president?

Yes, Bangladesh is officially known as the People's Republic of Bangladesh, and as a Republic it has a president.

Does Bangladesh have oakwood?

in reality Bangladesh don't posses any oak tree. Some of the oak wood may be used in various purposes.

Where in this world is Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a country in south Asia. The country's west, north and east borders, are surrounded by India, with a small portion of the far southeast, which is bordered by Burma. Approximately 80% of the southern border is made up of wetlands, swamps, or rivers which empty and border the Bay of Beng ( Full Answer )

Who did Bangladesh get its independence from?

Pakistan. Prior to 1971, Pakistan consisted of two separateregions. The part now known simply as Pakistan was called WestPakistan while the area now called Bangladesh was East Pakistan.The two pieces were separated physically, economically, and to alarge extent culturally. Simmering discontent led t ( Full Answer )

Does Bangladesh have aeroplanes?

Aeroplanes (Air-crafts) for commercial and military purpose: YesBangladesh has many Aircrafts on both the sectors. All theaeroplanes are imported. Bangladesh on its own can't build orassemble aircrafts. No such facilities.

When was Bangladesh founded?

Constitutionally, Bangladesh was founded on 26 March, 1971 after it had been a part of Pakistan for 24 years. On 25 March, 1971, Pakistan invaded the then East Pakistan (Bangladesh) and killed thousands of people there. As a result, East Pakistan responded with the proclamation of independence on 26 ( Full Answer )

Why was Bangladesh formed?

Bangladesh, Pakistan and India were all one country before, India. However, religious tensions between Hindus and Muslims caused Pakistan to secede from India, with Bangladesh also part of the new country as East Pakistan. Many Muslims from the state of Bihar in India also fled to Bangladesh. Next, ( Full Answer )

What is surrounding Bangladesh?

On the north of Bangladesh is India with small parts of Myanmar, on the east of Bangladesh is India, on the south of Bangladesh is the Bay of Bengal, and on the west of Bangladesh is India.

Is Bangladesh in Arabia?

No, it is in South Asia in between India and Myanmar and north of Bay of Bengal

Is Bangladesh is an Arab?

no Bangladesh is not a good country Arab people kick Bangladesh out of Arab community kingdom...

When did Bangladesh discovered?

Well based on the archaeological evidences Bengali civilization is more than 4000 years old. It's a fairly ancient region some people even say that Adam landed over Sri Lanka. So, we can reach into conclusion that it was never discovered, it was already there.

What is mini Bangladesh?

Mini Bangladesh is a park where there are replicas of famous architectures and buidings like Carzon Hall, Sangsad Bhaban. It was named "Sahid Jia Smriti Park," now changed after Sheikh Mujib. Location: Chandgoan, Chittagong.

What are the months in Bangladesh?

Bengali months are 12. Boishakh, Joshto, Assar, Sravon, Vadro.Aashhin, Kartik, Augrahayan, Poush, Maghh, Falgun and Choitra. 1stBoishakh is the Bangla New year (nowrouz vor pohela boishakh). Itsa national holiday and big festival.