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Bill Moggridge was the first laptop designer. He began making his designs in 1972, and 1973 one of his designs was accepted, and production began.

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Who is the inventor of laptop?

bill moggridge

Who was the inventer of laptop?

The first laptop was invented in 1969 by Bill Moggridge.

What was bill moggridge doing when he invent the laptop?

Sitting down.

How did William Moggridge make the first laptop?

he made it

Who invented the second laptop?

Bill Moggridge, a designer working for Grid Systems.

What is the birth name of Bill Moggridge?

Bill Moggridge's birth name is William Grant Moggridge.

Who invented the laptop Adam Osborn or Bill Moggridge?

Adam Osborn invented the laptop.y'all should know these things

Why did William moggridge invent the laptop?

for portable reasons

When did Bill Moggridge die?

Bill Moggridge died on September 8, 2012, in San Francisco, California, USA of cancer.

How old is bill moggridge?

I have NO ideer

When was Bill Moggridge born?

He was British born in 1943.

Who invent the laptops?

wiiliam moggridge

What has the author J Traherne Moggridge written?

J. Traherne Moggridge has written: 'Supplement to harvesting ants and trap-door spiders'

Name 3 of the people involved in the devolopment of computer?

Clamshell Design which is the basis for the modern Laptop Computer. William Moggridge and John Ellenby of GRiD Systems Corporation 1979-1993.

When was William moggridge born?


Where was William Moggridge born?

no one knows where

Where did William moggridge live?

William Moggridge lived in San Francisco, California. He is most known for inventing the first lap top computer. William died in 2012.

What school did William moggridge attend?

Live Oak Elemantary

Where was the first Laptop developed in the world?

There is no definite answer as to when or where the first laptop was developed. However, there is strong evidence to suggest that the first computer that was a model for the laptop was the Grid Compass, developed in 1979 in the UK by William Moggridge for Grid Systems Corporation. This computer had a folding electroluminescent graphics display screen. It was first used by NASA in the space shuttle progra. Other computer historians are of the opinion that the first true laptop was the Gavilon, developed by Manuel (Manny) Fernandez in 1983, in the United States. This laptop used the "clamshell" design for the screen.

How do you make a laptop touch screen?

You Can not make a regular laptop touch screen you have ti get a touch screen laptop. NO YOU CANT

Why did they make the laptop?

The laptop was designed to make a personal computer easily portable. The first portable computer was the GriD Compass (weighing about 5 kilograms). It was invented by Bill Moggridge in 1979 and cost several thousand dollars when it was first sold in 1982. It was widely used by the military and aboard the Space Shuttle. The first true laptop was invented by Adam Osborne in 1981. It was called 'Osborne 1' and cost $1,795. It came bundled with $1,500 worth of programmes and had a tiny monitor screen built into it. This first portable computer was a success, with sales reaching 10,000 units a month. IBM launched the IBM 5155 Portable Personal Computer in 1984. In 1988, Compaq Computer launched the first laptop PC with VGA graphics, the Compaq SLT/286. In 1989, NEC released UltraLite, which was the first lightweight 'laptop' computer. Weighing under 5 lbs, it was the precursor of today's models.

What year did bill gates create the laptop?

a year

How do you make a pretend laptop?

What do you mean pretend laptop?

How do you make a finger on a laptop?

You make a finger on a laptop by downloading microscroft and then draw a finger

Who was the inventor of the laptop computer?

Go to for more information about him. The modern day laptop was created by William Moggridge for Grid Systems Corporation in 1979. The Clamshell Design patent was acquired by Tandy Corporation in 1988 when they acquired Grid Systems. They subsequently monetized the patent by aggresively pursuing all companies who were using this design.

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