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Buddhism arrived in China around 100 BC, during the Han Dynasty.

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Buddhism was brought to China by?

Buddhism was brought to China by missionaries.

Who brought Buddhism to china?

Indian merchants and teachers brought Buddhism to China

How did Buddhism come to China?

Missionaries from India came to China and brought Buddhism.

When did Buddhism arrive in Australia?

Buddhism is a very small religion in Australia with only 2.1% of the total population practicing Buddhism. The first Buddhists to arrive in Australia were jugglers and acrobats from Japan in 1867.

Why did Buddhism decline in China?

The Tang emporer suppressed Buddhism to gain the wealth of the Buddhist monasteries. After this, Buddhism in China declined.

How did Buddhism spread within china from there when did it spread?

how did Buddhism preadc within china from there when did it spread

How did the arrival of Buddhism impact china?

The arrival of Buddhism impacted China by art, culture, and family

How was Buddhism introduced to China?

Buddhism was brought to china in the first A.D. by merchants and missionaries from IndiaBuddhism was first introduced in India. It was then carried over to China by merchants and travelers.

Why did Buddhism spread so rapidly through china?

Buddhism spread through China was undoubtedly hastened by the fact that many practices and beliefs of Buddhism are similar to Daoism, which was native to China. Zen or Ch'an Buddhism is best understood as a blending of Buddhism and Daoism. .

Is china a christian country?

no,china is a Buddhism country.

How did Buddhism reach China?

Buddhism came to China from India, during the Han dynasty, around 67 CE.

How did Buddhism get to Japan?

Buddhism got to Japan through China and Korea.

In what country is Buddhism the most dominate?

Buddhism is the most dominate in China.

How wide spread is Buddhism in todays China?

Buddhism has spread to most of China but, there is no exact places known so far....

What is the main religon in China?

Buddhism is the main religion in China.

Was Buddhism started in China?

No. Buddhism began with the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, the historical Buddha, in what is now northeastern India and didn't find its way into China for centuries. However, Zen Buddhism did originate in China; it resulted from blending practices of Indian Buddhism with practices from its native Daoism. .

How was Buddhism received in Japan?

Buddhism got to Japan through China and Korea .

In what countries but China is there Buddhism?

Buddhism is present in almost all the countries of the world.

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