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When did Buddhism exist?

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Buddhism was recognized as a philosophy/religion about 2500 years ago. It continues today in almost every country in the world.

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in Buddhism animal sacrifice does not exist. But in Hinduism animal sacrifice do exist.

Buddhism in this Antah-Kalpa(Gautama Buddhas Buddhism) will end in 2400 yers (Totally 5000 years exist).

Buddhism is non-theistic. It does not assert that one or more gods exist.


Christianity didn't exist yet and Buddhism was better than atheism in many people's opinion.

Yes.Buddhism is a major religion in Asia.About 6% of world population are buddhists

90% practice a mixture of Buddhism and Taoism; other religions exist too.

buddhism exist in india because lord buddha sorry siddhart king and hinduism is divine creation there is no one in this whole world who can answer hinduism creations

Buddhism is openly practiced in almost every country of the world. In some countries open practice of any religion except the "official" one is forbidden, but closet Buddhists probably exist

In essence Buddhists hold to a view that the elements and minds exist since beginingless time so a starting point to everything doesn't really have any meaningful significance in Buddhism.

Buddhism ispracticed everywhere, Buddhist exist in almost every country. The place of practice may be a temple, meditation room or simply one's own home. Hope this helps Steve

Back when Buddhism was created, nobody used keys. Doors were locked with a chain or were left unlocked. Therefore, nobody believed in it since it did not exist and the Buddhists haven't changed their ways.

Because Islamic people think ts real that's a silly question its like saying why does Christianity exist or why does Buddhism exist? well because they are passed on and on and on.

There are quite a number of religions in the world today. Examples of religions that exist include Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism.

Chinese Buddhism Chinese Buddhism Chinese Buddhism Chinese Buddhism Buddhism

Henotheism is the belief that there may be many gods but one is worthy of worship. Buddhism neither endorses or condemns the belief in deities but holds that they (if they exist) need not be worshiped and have no control for good or evil over humans. A person's progress towards enlightenment is their own struggle. In this manner Buddhism is not henotheistic.

Yes it is like the 2nd largest religion in the world.Yes of course it exists.About 7% of world population are buddhists

Buddhism is structured into several different schools of thought. For instance, there is Mahayana Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism, zen Buddhism, Nichiren Buddhism, and Pure land Buddhism.

Mahayana Buddhism considers vegetarian diets virtuous, and this sect of Buddhism has a long history in China. Thus, China has an array of foods that do not contain meat or fish.

Buddhism is a religion based in the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, commonly known as 'Buddha'. Although widely spread all around the world, Buddhism has not a great presence in the Caribbean. It was until the year 2006 that the first Buddhist temple was raised in this region, by May Trieu, a Chinese Buddhist born in Vietnam.

The Buddha taught that all beings are reincarnated untill they exist cyclic existance, which is one of the goals of the Buddhist path.

People are allowed to practice Buddhism, very restricted types of other religions exist but aren't popular.

There are no rituals in Buddhism. Infact Buddhism is against rituals. Buddhism is nothing but morality.

pure-land buddhism zen buddhism buddhism ??

Japanese buddhism has more empathy than Chinese Buddhism and Japanese Buddhism is more orderly.

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