When did Canada become Canada?

July 1 , 1867

Before that, the land Canada was named Canada after the Iroquois word 'kanata' or village, when in the 16th century Jacques Cartier's party from France took the word to mean the land at which they had arrived. A colony named Canada was established in 1534 as one of 5 colonies of New France.

Upper Canada and Lower Canada were established as British colonies in 1791. These were combined into the Province of Canada in 1841 with the 1840 Act of Union.

Canada became a dominion country (more like Kingdom under British rule) in 1867, as shown on top. This meant, whatever laws were passed in England were also passed in Canada and British politics stretched over the Atlantic. But Canada really became a dependent country, years later after the first and second world wars, in 1982. This meant a sense of freedom in the wind; British laws and politics and basically everything had no effect whatsoever in Canada and this went into immediate affect.

And the Canada Act was proved when our small 12 million strong country proved magnificent strength in the two great wars, by aiding the mother land (in other words, Great Britain) while the U.S took it's sweet time on whether or not it should join the war and help destroy the Axis powers.