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Q: When did Catholics come to America?
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Why did the Catholics come to America?

Religious freedom and trade

Why did many English catholics come to America in the 1600's?

the catholics came to America in the 1600's for religious freedom.they were also unhappy with their system of government in their homeland.

Did catholics or protestants come to America first?

If you count Christopher Columbus as the first European to arrive in the New World, that would be Catholics.

Why did English Catholics come to America?

They came, primarily to Maryland, to escape persecution in England.

Why did many English Catholics come to America in the 1600s?

to escape a kingdom that did not allow them to worship freely

Why did Catholics and Protestants come to America?

Both religions came to America trying to find separation from the English religious turmoil. Not all Protestants came to America at first, but the non-Anglican sects did because they did not want to admit King Henry VIII was the head of the Church of England. The Catholics came over mainly when Maryland was created originally intended to be a haven for Catholics but, because of financial regions, had both Protestants and Catholics. Eventually, lots more people wanted to come over.

When did the catholic religion come to America?

I would say in 1492 because that is also when the first Catholics came to America. Please forgive me if I am incorrect but if I am try Google.

Why did the Puritans Quakers and Roman Catholics come to America?

All came seeking religious freedom which was not present in England at the time.

What is the major religon of central America?


How did catholics come to the US?

By boat

How many Catholics are in America?

Almost 24 percent of the 301 million US Citizens are Catholics.

Where do the majority of Catholics live in the world?

Most of the catholics live in Italy, Spain and South America.

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