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Charles Dickens started writing oliver twist in 1998.

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Q: When did Charles Dickens wrote Oliver Twist?
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Related questions

Who wrote Oliver Twist and when?

It was Charles Dickens who wrote Oliver Twist He wrote it in 1838

Did Charles Dickens write Oliver Twist?

Yes Charles Dickens did wrote wolverine twist

What author wrote the book ''Oliver Twist''?

Charles Dickens wrote the book ''Oliver Twist''

Who wrote A Christmas Carol and Oliver Twist?

charles dickens wrote a christmas carol and oliver twist

Who wrote Oliver Twist?

Charles Dickens wrote this book in 1837.

What was the name of the author that wrote Oliver Twist?

Charles Dickens (under the pseudonym "Boz") wrote Oliver Twist in 1838.

How old was Charles Dickens when he wrote Oliver Twist?

He was around 26 when Oliver Twist was finished. Aceacers

Why did Charles Dickens write Oliver Twist?

Dickens wrote Oliver Twist based on his personal experiences through the eyes of his main character Oliver.

What was Charles Dickens hard times and Oliver Twist books language?

Charles Dickens wrote in English.

Who wrote the novels Hard Times and Oliver Twist?

Charles Dickens.

Who wrote a book called Oliver Twist?

A man named Charles Dickens

What was Charles Dickens most famous books he wrote?

Probably Oliver Twist!

Who did Charles Dickens write the book 'Oliver Twist' for?

He wrote it for the magazine Bentley's Miscellany.

What did Charles Dickens work as?

Charles Dickens was an author and editor. He wrote The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club, Pickwick and Oliver Twist.

Someone wrote their second novel in 1938 called Oliver Twist and it wasn't dickens Who was it please?

It was Charles Dickens

When was Oliver Twist made?

All i know is that Oliver was wrote by Charles dickens and by the time he finished it he was at the age of 26.

Who wrote the novel Oliver Twist and the Pick papers?

(Pickwick papers I think) Charles Dickens

When did Charles Dickens Write Oliver Twists?

Charles Dickens wrote Oliver Twist in 1837 and finished it in 1838. Can you believe that? Only one year to write the WHOLE story!

What is Charles Dickens legacy?

Although Charles Dickens wrote many wonderful books, I think that his legacy is either Oliver Twist, or A Christmas Carol.

Who wrote the book the twists?

You are probably thinking of Oliver Twist, a book written by Charles Dickens in 1836.

What did Charles Dickens do as a living?

Writer, he wrote novels such as Oliver Twist, Pickwick Papers and David Copperfield.

Who wrote the Novel Oliver Twist?

Oliver Twist is one of the most famous novels on the planet. It was written by one of the most famous writers - Charles Dickens.

Who has written the novel Tale of Two Cities?

Charles Dickens (also wrote the christmas carol and oliver twist)

Why Charles Dickens wrote Oliver Twist?

To target the Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834 and to show what it really did

What author wrote many books in the 19th century including Oliver Twist and A Christmas Carol?

Charles Dickens.

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