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Christopher Columbus wrote about the Bermuda Triangle in his diary at October 11, 1492;

The land was first seen by a sailor (Rodrigo de Triana), although the Admiral at ten o'clock that evening standing on the quarter-deck saw a light, but so small a body that he could not affirm it to be land; calling to Pero Gutierrez, groom of the King's wardrobe, he told him he saw a light, and bid him look that way, which he did and saw it; he did the same to Rodrigo Sanchez of Segovia, whom the King and Queen had sent with the squadron as comptroller, but he was unable to see it from his situation. The Admiral again perceived it once or twice, appearing like the light of a wax candle moving up and down, which some thought an indication of land. But the Admiral held it for certain that land was near...

Modern scholars checking the original log books have surmised that the lights he saw were the cooking fires of Taino natives in their canoes or on the beach; the compass problems were the result of a false reading based on the movement of a star.

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Q: When did Christopher Columbus discover the Bermuda Triangle?
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Who was the first to discover the Bermuda Triangle?

Christopher Columbus found it and noticed flashing lights and compass problems

Who found the Bermuda Triangle?

Christopher Columbus

Who was the first to go to the Bermuda triangle?

The first person to discover the Bermuda Triangle was Christopher Colombus

How did Christopher Columbus survive the Bermuda Triangle?


Who discovered the Bermuda triangle first?

Christopher Columbus

Who is the founder of the Bermuda Triangle?

christopher Columbus was the first person to identify and go through the Bermuda triangle

What year was the Bermuda triangle discovered?

The exact year the Bermuda Triangle was discovered is not known. There have been reports that Christopher Columbus first noticed the Bermuda Triangle.

Did ancient Americans know about the Bermuda triangle?

Christopher Columbus went passed there on the way to America

What did christopher Columbus see when he found the Bermuda triangle?

he reported strange things happening to his instruments and compass

Did Christopher Columbus die in the Bermuda Triangle?

no, after crossing mysterious area he watched a lightening of fire on that from far.

Columbus voyage is through Bermuda triangle?

No. He didn't travelled thru Bermuda triangle.

What are the problems faced by christopher Columbus while sailing in Bermuda triangle?

because one of the men didnt understand the size of the world

What obstacles did Christopher Columbus find on his trip?

Mean kings, rough waters, and whiny sailors. He also got stuck in the Bermuda triangle.

What happen when a ship enters a Bermuda triangle?

Storms may cause sinking or your compass spins completely out of control such as the case with Christopher Columbus

How old was christopher columbus when he went through the bermuda triangle?

The Bermuda Triangle is a mythical section of the Atlantic Ocean roughly ... When Christopher Columbus sailed through the area on his first voyage to the New World, he reported that a great flame of fire (probably a meteor) ... passenger planes that went down despite having just sent “all's well” messages.

Who and when was the Bermuda triangle discovered?

christer Columbus found it in 1492

Did Columbus go through the Bermuda triangle?

Yes, all of his voyages passed through the Triangle.

Has anyone escaped the Bermuda Triangle?

Yes, I have read about five people survived the Triangle from books. One was Christopher Columbus. I read that he did see, however, bright green lights and white ripple tides.

What are the scientist doing to explain Bermuda triangle?

Scientists are doing little or nothing to discover the Bermuda Triangle. The triangle as a place is a theory of little interest to scientists. Those with the greatest interest in the Bermuda triangle are writers, publishers, and the entertainment industry.

Who was the first person to discovered the Bermuda Triangle?

The first known person that went into the Bermuda triangle (as we know of today) was Christopher Columbus. He had written entries in his journal about how their compass had gone crazy, and how he would see strange lights in the sky. these happenings are similar to the ones today. hoped this helped!

When was the Bermuda triangle first discovered PS LimaBaby was hea?

in 1492 by christoper Columbus

Is the Bermuda triangle in Bermuda?

No. The Bermuda triangle is by Florida in the Bahamas.

When was the Bermuda Triangle first discovered?

Christopher Columbus was the first person to document something strange in the Triangle, reporting that he and his crew observed "strange dancing lights on the horizon", flames in the sky, and at another point he wrote in his log about bizarre compass bearings in the area. His log book was dated October 11, 1492. The Bermuda triangle is known as the devils island

What actors and actresses appeared in Secrets of the Bermuda Triangle - 1978?

The cast of Secrets of the Bermuda Triangle - 1978 includes: Pierrino Mascarino as Christofer Columbus Peter Tompkins as Investigator

Why is it known as the Bermuda Triangle?

The Bermuda Triangle is named after the island of Bermuda.