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When did Christopher Columbus discover the Bermuda Triangle?

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February 16, 2011 7:25PM

Christopher Columbus wrote about the Bermuda Triangle in his

diary at October 11, 1492;

The land was first seen by a sailor (Rodrigo de Triana),

although the Admiral at ten o'clock that evening standing on the

quarter-deck saw a light, but so small a body that he could not

affirm it to be land; calling to Pero Gutierrez, groom of the

King's wardrobe, he told him he saw a light, and bid him look that

way, which he did and saw it; he did the same to Rodrigo Sanchez of

Segovia, whom the King and Queen had sent with the squadron as

comptroller, but he was unable to see it from his situation. The

Admiral again perceived it once or twice, appearing like the light

of a wax candle moving up and down, which some thought an

indication of land. But the Admiral held it for certain that land

was near...

Modern scholars checking the original log books have surmised

that the lights he saw were the cooking fires of Taino natives in

their canoes or on the beach; the compass problems were the result

of a false reading based on the movement of a star.

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