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Clara Barton was involved in the American Civil War (April 12, 1861 - May 10, 1865) : August 1862 .


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clara barton felt anger about the war

Clara Barton was a famous nurse in the civil war

clara barton served in the civil war as a nurse

Clara Barton was a nurse for the Confederacy (South) :3

Abraham Lincoln hired Clara Barton in the civil war

None, Clara Barton had no part in the Revolutionary War as she wasn't born until 1821.

Clara Barton helped men in the civil war heal and was called the angel of the battleclara barton could read before she was three years old.

Clara Barton Started the Red Cross and was one of the most important people in the Civil War Era.

Clara Barton died at the age of 90 in 1912 - some 47 years after the Civil War ended.

Clara Barton, her real name was Clarissa Harlowe Barton. Clara Barton, her real name was Clarissa Harlowe Barton.

Clara didn't join the war, she just helped out (in1862).

No, Clara Barton was in many wars. She just did not fight because she needed to help wounded soldiers.

Yes, his name was Stephen Barton. He was a retired war soldier.

she treted about 32165495473675649465465435465486465465 people clara barton saves about 30000 people during the civil war

No, she did not kill her family. If she killed her family she would not have gone to the Civil War. So, if you do not believe me, go on, look for "Clara Barton" and that will be your answer or other wise your just Dom!

go to Google images and type in Clara barton coloring pages

Clara Barton went to LOiberal Instititute in Clinton Ny and when she was young she was homeschooled by her parents

Clara Barton lived to be 91.

Clara Barton was a nurse to the wounded soldiers. She also was the founder of the American Red Cross.

Clara Barton was a nurse during the civil war not a president. she was called the "Angel of Battlefield".

No, Clara Barton was a Universalist.

Clara Barton was very influential in the Civil War. She was the first women to ever go up to the front lines of battle. she wrote letters to the wounded soldiers and she also put her life on the line for others. This is why the soldiers of the civil war soon nicknamed her the Angel of the Battlefield. Clara Barton 1821-1912

Clara Barton helped wounded soldiers during the Civil War. After the war, at the time of James Garfield's presidency, she created the American Red Cross.

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