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When did David Beckham marry Victoria?

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Who marry David Beckham?

victoria beckham

When did David Beckham marry?

July 4,1999. To Victoria Caroline Adams.

Is David Beckham married to Victoria Beckham?

Yes, David Beckham married Victoria Beckham.

When did victoria beckham marry david beckham?

They married in 1999, after they had their first son, Brooklyn Beckham, now 14. He was the ring bearer.

Who was richer in 2005 between david or Victoria beckham?

David Beckham.

Who is richer David Beckham or Victoria Beckham?

David Beckham and Victoria BeckhamDavid is payed trillions of dollars and Victoria is payed millions of dollars. David Beckham is worth over $300 000 000 and his Wife Victoria is worth just over $50 000 000 so David is much richer but Victoria is still extremely rich too.

Who is Victoria B?

Victoria Beckham = Mrs. David Beckham = Posh Spice

What are David Beckham and Victoria Beckham's children called?

David and Victoria Beckham have three sons. They are called Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz Beckham.

Who did David Beckham marry?

Victoria Smith, also known as Posh Spice. They have 3 sons and a daughter.

Is David Beckham single?

No, he is married to Victoria Beckham.

To whom is Victoria Beckham married?

David Beckham

Did David Beckham cheat on Victoria beckham?


Does bend it like beckham have david or Victoria beckham in it?

victore beckham

Is David Beckham is christian?

Nop! David & Victoria Beckham is in Mahayana Buddhism

How many years have Victoria and David Beckham been married for?

David beckham and Victoria beckham have been married since the 4th of July 1999

Where did Victoria Beckham marry David Beckham?

At the 560-acre estate of the 1794, gothic Luttrellstown Castle, Ireland outside Dublin, Ireland was presided over by the Bishop of Cork Paul Colton Victoria was 25 and David was 24 when they married

Are David and Victoria Beckham Catholics?


When did David Beckham and Posh get married?

David Beckham married Victoria Adams at Luttrellstown Castle, Ireland on 4th July 1999, and her name changed to Victoria Beckham.

Is David Beckham richer than Victoria beckham?

David Beckham is just a little richer than his wife Victoria Beckham. David is worth an estimated 350 million dollars while his wife is worth 300 million.

Who will David Beckham marry?

Me of course!!!!

Does Victoria beckham like football?

Oh yes Victoria Beckham likes football, as she is from England and watches David Beckham play.

How old is Victoria Beckham and David Beckham?

Victoria beckham is... 36.5 years old and was born on the 17th April 1974 David beckham is.... 36 years old and was born on the 2nd March 1975

Has Victoria becham ever cheated on david beckham?

There have never been an substantiated reports that Victoria Beckham has ever cheated on David Beckham. If indeed she has, it is a well kept secret.

Who is Victoria beckham husband?

Victoria Beckham's Husband Is Called David Beckham They Have 3 Kid Togeter!

Who has David Beckham Dated?

As of 2014, David Beckham is married to Victoria Beckham. In the past, David has dated women such as Celina Laurie and Sarah Marbeck.