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When did Egypt flourish?

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i think they had many good times. but i believe the best was during what is called the 'middle kingdom' after that, according to historians, it all went downhill.
The earliest evidence of settled human habitation in the Nile delta, dated back to c. 5000 B.C.. Egypt flourished for more than 3,000 years, making it one of the longest-living civilizations in all of history.

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What physical feature allowed ancient Egypt to flourish?

The Nile River allowed Egypt to flourish.

How many years did ancient Egypt flourish?

Ancient Egypt flourished for over three thousand years, but came to a decline in c. 30 B.C. when the Romans conquered Egypt

What was a major accomplishment of the societies of Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt which allowed these civilizations to flourish?

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What King Tutankhamun do as a king?

He tried to flourish the country after his father's death. especially, Akhnaten did not give much care to egypt during his reign. as a result of that, egypt collapsed after him, but tut rebuilt the army, temples, administration, and did trade agreements

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Because of how balanced the society was by the kings, peasants, bakers, and etc. they all had a role to play and they played it.

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