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When did Eric the red die?

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In the year 1003.

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When was Eric the red born and when did he die?

Eric the red was born in 950 and died around 1000-1004 approximately.

Where did Eric the red die?

we dont know for sure

How did the viking Eric the red die?

1003 or 1004

Why was Eric the red called Eric the red?

he had red hair there for he was called Eric the red

Why did Eric the red die?

He died of disease in the year 1003.

How tall is Eric Red?

Eric Red is 6'.

When did Eric the Red born and died?

When was Eric the Red born

What was real name of Eric the Red?

He was known as "Eric the Red", but his real name was Eric Thorvaldsson.

Why did Eric the Red leave his homeland?

Why did Eric the Red leave his homeland?

How did Eric the red die?

The Viking explorer Eric the Red (950- c. 1003) died in Greenland in late 1002 or early 1003 as the result of an epidemic that struck the colony he built at Eystribyggð.

When was Eric Red born?

Eric Red was born on February 16, 1961.

How did Eric the Red die and what year?

He died in the year 1003 from an epidemic which swept through Greenland.

What year or day did Eric red die?

He died in the year 1003. The exact date is unknown.

What did Eric the red do?

Eric the red found Greenland with a ship that looked like a dragon.

How many sons did Eric the Red have?

Eric the Red had three sons and one girl.

What Viking was Greenland explored by?

Eric the Red in 985 sailing from IcelandEric the Red

When did bjarni herjulfsson die?

Bjarni herjolfsson lived about the time of Eric the Red (c. 950-1003).

Was Eric the Red a hero?

Eric the red was not a hero because he killed men. He is a Bad boy!

What year was Eric The red born and when did he die?

The dates are not specific but Eric the Red was born sometime near the year 950 and died around the year 1003 to 1004. For more details about his life see the site listed below.that is true but look at Google for more info by the way its Erik the red not Eric the red, god people these days some times I worry.

How is Eric the red spelled?

Erik the Red.

Why was he called Eric the Red?

He had red hair.

What is Eric the Red's ship name?

Eric the red 1

What was the name of Eric the Red's ship?

Eric Red 1

Does Eric camden die at the end of 7th heaven?

no Eric does not thankfully have to die :)

How old is Eric Red?

Eric Red is 50 years old (birthdate: February 16, 1961).

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