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It was introduced in 2005.

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Who are top ten selling SEXIEST perfume in the world?


How much is escada ocean lounge perfume?

Depends. 1 oz $24.50 1.7 oz $25.75 3.4 oz $40.00

Who was the first designer to introduce a perfume?


How many different product does Escada Perfumes produce?

Escada currently offers a well-branded product line of perfumes for men. It is a luxurious perfume that gives the nose a special, irresistable fragrance that will last long after you've cleared the room.

What is the meaning of Vestido de Escada para Barbie?

"Vestido de Escada" means an Escada dress. The whole statement means "Escada dress for Barbie." Escada is a fashion design group.

What is a perfume starting with e?

Ed Hardy Escada & Escada Magnetism Emeraude (Coty) Evening in Paris (Soir De Paris by Bourjois) Eddie Bauer Adventurer Ekaterina Alexandrovna Gordeeva Elizabeth Arden Elizabeth Taylor Estee Lauder

What are good perfume names?

Gucci Rush Dolce y Gabana Fendi Pink Sugar Escada Curve Hugo Monte Blanc

What are some brand names of perfume for women?

There are many popular brands of perfume for women. Some of these brands would include Hugo Boss, Azzaro Perfumes, Chanel, Escada, Davidoff Perfumes, and many others.

Who was the first fashion designer to introduce a perfume and bears her name?

Coco Chanel was the first fashion designer to introduce a perfume. BTW did u get this question from TIME FOR KIDS.

Has Olivia Wilde done TV ads?

Yes. She has done an advert for 'Desire Me' by ESCADA (perfume), and has been in a music video (So Far We Are - The French Kicks).

Where can you get replacement buttons for escada sport raincoat?

Ii need a button for my escada blazer!

What actors and actresses appeared in A Escada - 1996?

The cast of A Escada - 1996 includes: Luciano Chirolli

How do you pronounce escada?


When was Vermilion Escada dress of Katherine Heigl created?

Vermilion Escada dress of Katherine Heigl was created in 2008.

What are some popular Escada perfumes?

Some of the most popular Escada perfumes are in their classics range. They include two versions of Especially Escada and have recently been repackaged. Additional fragrances include Cherry in the Air and Absolutely Me.

Sample on how to introduce a perfume product?

My main product is "F perfume", it is pure perfume (No AlCohol) my main consumers are women because "F perfume" is only for womens . you can find my product in all the malls and you can have a tester to test the smell, every season we have sale 30%

What is escada in spanish?

Did you mean 'espada'? That's 'sword'

What is the exact date Coco Chanel introduce her first perfume?

Christmas 1921 it was a gift to her best customers. And for sale in mid 1922

Where could escada magnetism be found?

Escada Magnetism can be purchased from many stores and websites. Some options include: Walgreens, Amazon, eBay, Fragrantica, and Macy's, among many others.

Where can you buy real version of rah sunset escada?

I cannot answer this question.

What was the name of Meriwether Lewis' dog?

Seaman or Scannon

What does perfume plus water plus perfume equals?

perfume plus water plus perfume equals perfume+water+perfume.

Who sells escada kids in Italy? will send to Italy, a good and reliable service.

Where does holly Madison buy her dresses?

Nurielle, Roberto Cavalli, Escada to name a few..

What is the song in the new Escada S perfume commercial?

I've heard that the music was made especially for that commercial ....and it's only 30 seconds long :Sit's so cool I've heard that the music was made especially for that commercial ....and it's only 30 seconds long :Sit's so cool