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Between 1881 and World War I in 1914.


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the countries are Sweden and north Africa

No. Europe is actually north of Africa. There may be islands that European countries occupy as territories that are west of Africa, but Europe as a whole is north.

Ancient Romans invaded and overcame many European countries such as Britain, Austria, Corsica, Crete, Cyprus, Egypt,France, Germany, Greece, Sardinia, Sicily, Spain,Switzerland, Syria and Turkey, and parts of North Africa.

why did adolf Hitler invade north Africa because he was mean! --- The allies were using North Africa as a militarization point to invade Italy and work their way up to Germany. So basically they wished to use North Africa as a choke point against the Italian forces, Nazi allies.

The Allies never invaded North America. They did invade North Africa with Operation Torch in November 1942.

France, Luxembourg (I was born there!), Austria, Denmark, Poland and other European countries, North Africa and part of Russia

The North European Plain runs through these countries

UMM, it would be easier to answer what countries they DID invade. But they didnt invade North America, Europe, Africa, South America at all. But China, French Indo-China, The Phillipines, and many other pacific islands were invaded.

USAHaitiKinnidyBristisheuropeanNorth and South AmericaAfrica

For the same reason that they invaded most of Europe and North Africa, to expand their empire and have access to the resources of the countries that they conquered.

Africa is a separate continent to Europe, so people living there would be considered African, including the countries of northern Africa.

many different countries were founded ex: the Americas (north and south) Africa, and Australia

Many countries in North Africa speak French, mainly Morocco.

There are several countries in North Africa

no, it is in north Africa

All countries in Africa are either north or south of the Tropic of Capricorn.

The invaded Africa because Benito Mussolini's fascists occupied those countries. Then they invaded Italy to remove Mussolini from power and take out Hitler's ally in Europe.

No European countries own a "colony" in Africa anymore. Spain does, however, own two small cities in North Africa (they are not colonies, they are parts of Spain). France and the United Kingdom own some islands off the coast of Africa, as well.

No European country has 12 letters in its name. The countries with 12 letters in its name are Cote d'Ivoire (Africa), Guinea-Bissau (Africa), Turkmenistan (Asia) and United States (North America).

North Atlantic Treaty Organization. North American countries and European countries

They were mainly from the European countries because they were advanced in ship technology.

countries in north & central Africa.

France claimed the most of the land in North Africa.

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