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The Gameboy Color came out in 1989 in Japan and America, and 1990 in Europe. I'm not sure when the excact date is but i hope this answers your question. [SOURCE WIKIPEDIA]

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Did game boy advance come after game boy color?

yes, way after

When did the Game Boy color come out?


What Game Boy Color games can be played on the Game Boy?

Game Boy Color games come in two types; Dual and color-only. Dual games have a black cartridge and can still be played on the Game Boy. Color-only games have a clear cartridge and can be played on the Game Boy Color only.

When did the Game Boy Advance come out?

the game boy color came out in 2002 the game boy adavance came out in 2002

How come your Game Boy advance will not save Game Boy color game data?

go to a zone

When did the gameboy color come out?

The Nintendo Game Boy Color was released in 1998.

Does the Game Boy player play Game Boy Color games?

Yes, it can play Game Boy Color games. It is able to play all Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games.

Can you play a Game Boy Advance game on a Game Boy Color?

No. The Game Boy Color is not compatible with Game Boy Advance cartridges. However, you CAN play gameboy color games on a Gameboy advance.

Can you play Game Boy color games on a Game Boy advanced sp?

Yes. You can play Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games on a Game Boy Advance SP.

Does a Game Boy Color play original Game Boy games in color?


Can games for the original Game Boy work for the Game Boy Color?

Yes, and the game will be in color.

What game boy came before the Game Boy Color?

Game Boy and Game Boy Pocket

Where can you get the Pokemon Sapphire for Game Boy color?

You can't. Pokemon Sapphire version and Pokemon Ruby version where released in 2003 for the Game Boy Advance , there not able to be played on the Game Boy Color, you could sell you're Game Boy Color and get a Game Boy Advance sense Game Boy Color games can as well be played on the Game boy Advance.

Does the action replay for Game Boy advanced work on Game Boy color games?

no you need the original action replay for game boy color no you need the original action replay for game boy color

What is the difference in a Game Boy game or a Game Boy Color game?

Gameboy isn't color, Gameboy Color is. Although Advance is much better.

Can you transfer Pokemon from Game Boy color to Game Boy advance?

I am 100% sure you can not transrer Pokemon from game boy color to your game boy advance. trust me you can not. I tried.

Can you play a Game Boy game in a Game Boy Color?


What are problems of the Game Boy Color?

One problem is sometimes when you put the game in, it doesn't come up. You usually then have to blow in the game and where the game is put in, in the game boy. Another problem, if you put the game in the game boy wrong, its sometimes hard to get out.

Is Pokemon Red for Game Boy Color?

Pokemon Red is not specifically for the Game Boy Color, but you can play it on a Game Boy Color console. Pokemon Red was originally released for the Game Boy along with Pokemon Blue.

Can a Japanese Game Boy color play American Game Boy color games?


When was Game Boy Color created?

Game Boy Color was created on 1998-10-21.

Can you play Game Boy Color games on the Game Boy?


Can a Game Boy color game fit in a Game Boy micro?

So can It?

Is Pokemon Yellow version a Game Boy or Game Boy Color game?

Pokemon Yellow is for the Game Boy.

Can you play Game Boy Color games on a Game Boy advanced system?

Yes you can, however, you cant play a game boy advanced game on a game boy color system. Hope this helps! ;D

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