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When did Germany become allies with Italy?

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On September 27, 1940 Germany and Italy become allies along with Japan when they signed the Tripartite Pact. These powers eventually became known as the Axis Alliance.

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How were the allies of Germany?

Italy and japan were the allies of Germany

What year did Japan become allies with Germany?

In September 1940 Japan allied with Germany and Italy through the Tripartite Pact

What year did Italy become allies with Germany and Japan?

Japan never joined with Germany, they fought only aginst the US.

When did Italy surrender to Germany?

Italy joined Germany as an ally before the war began. When the Allies invaded Sicily in July 1943, an island that belongs to Italy, the people decided to over-throw Mussolini and join the Allies. The Allies would not let Italy become an ally; instead they had to surrender on 8 Sept 1943. When they made this decision, Germany sent more troops into Italy to occupy it. So the area not liberated by the Allies was under the German domination. But Italy never surrendered to Germany.

What is Germany and its allies?

Germany was A Nazi ruled country and it's allies were Italy, and Japan.

When did Germany become allies with japan in World War 2?

In September 1940 Japan allied with Germany and Italy through the Tripartite Pact

How are not allies with Australia?

Germany, Japan, Italy

Who was on the allies powers?

Germany, Japan and Italy

Why did Germany invade southern Italy?

because the allies were landing in Italy

Did Germany and Italy become allies with Japan before or after World War 2?

It depends on how you look at it. Germany and Italy were already allied with each other and fighting in the war when they were joined by Japan, although Japan waited until late '41 to take an active role in the war. After the war, Italy, Japan, and West Germany became allies against East Germany, but they had little choice in this matter. Japan and Italy were also allies in World War 1, but against Germany then.

What allies did Italy have in world war 2?

If you are asking if Italy was part of the Allies in World War Two, the answer is no. However, if you want to find the allies of Italy, the main one was Germany.

How were the allies victorious in the soviet union North Africa and Italy?

Allies invaded the North Africa and defeat Germany and next Italy was invaded by allies.

Who did Germany formed an Allies of Axis Powers with?


What advantage did the allies have in confronting Germany Italy and japan?

the allies had a coordinating strategy for victory

Japan Germany Italy were called what?

Germany, Italy and Japan was war time allies were called the Axis Powers by their opponents.

What axis power did the allies defeat in 1943?

Italy surrendered to the Allies in 1943, although Germany immediately occupied Italy and the Allies fought the Germans there until 1945.

Why did Italy enter World War 2?

They were allies with Germany.

When did allies defeat Germany and Italy in north Africa?


Who are allies of Japan?

In World War II it was Germany and Italy.

Who were Francisco Franco's allies?

Germany (Hitler) and Italy (Mussolini)

What European country was the allies main enemy?

Germany and Italy.

What powers included Germany and its allies in WW1?

main ones: Germany, austria, (italy)

Who were Austria's allies during ww1?

Both Germany and Italy were allies of Austria during World War I but Italy didn't like Austria very much. This alliance among Austria, Italy, and Germany was called the Triple Alliance.

Who did the Japanese become allies with in 1940?


Did Japan have allies in World War 2?

Yes, Japan was allies with the Axis countries, which were Germany and Italy.