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Q: When did Germany declare their independence?
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Who did we declare independence from in July 1776?


Why did we need to declare independence?

We needed to declare independence because it was and unjust country..

What did the Declaration of Independence declare to England?

The declaration of independence declare war to England.

When was Declare Independence created?

Declare Independence was created on 2008-01-01.

What do nationalists want and why?

Gain independence from Germany Split apart the empire Unite the various Austrian states Declare freedom from Turkey This--Independence from England

Why should Britain declare independence?

Great Britain is independent and has no need to declare independence.

Why did Germany declare war on France?

Why did germany declare war on france?

Why did the UK declare war on Germany?

Britain warned Germany that they would declare war on Germany if Germany attacked Poland. When Germany invaded Poland the British had no choice but to declare war.

When did Simรณn Bolรญvar declare Brazil's independence?

When Spencer Drake, god of Alberta, told him to declare independence, or he would declare Brazil his own.

On what day did Paraguayans declare their independence?

Paraguayans declare their independence day on may 14 and 15 in 1811.

How did the thirteen colonies declare independence?

declaration of independence

Who did the Texans declare their independence from?

They declared independence from mexico

What did the Declaration of Independence declare independence from?

Great Britain.

How did colonies declare independence?

They wrote the declaration of independence.

What was the purpose of the declaraton of independence?

The pupose of the Declaration of Independence was to declare our independence from Britain.

How did the colonists declare independence from Britain?

Declaration of Independence. They declared their independence from Britain

What is the primary purpose of the Declaration of Independence?

To declare independence from England.

What was the intention of the Declaration of Independence?

To Declare Independence from Great Britain.

What was one goal of the decleration of independence?

To declare independence from Britain.

What was the main reason for writing the decloration of independence?

To declare independence.

Who did haiti declare independence?

Haiti declared independence from France.

How many years ago Bangladesh Declare Independence from 2008?

36 years ago Bangladesh Declare Independence from pakestian..

When did Luxembourg declare independence?


Who did you declare independence from?

Great Britan

Where did Texas declare its independence from?