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When did Germany go through Luxembourg to get to France during World War 1?


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Because France had put up virtually no defenses along the Belgo-Luxembourg border (because Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg had declared their neutrality) the Germans simply "walked around" the massive defenses that the French had put up on the Franco-German border.


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Yes, during WW1 Germany invaded Belgium, Luxembourg and France.

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Germany occupied many nations during WWII, including France, Denmark, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland and Norway.

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They are all European countries that Germany had control in during World War II.

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They were on the side of the allies, but they played a very minor role in the war. Will C. Luxembourg was allied with France, Great Britain and other western European nations prior to World War 2. The German invasion of France went through Luxembourg, as well as the other more well known victim countries. Luxembourg had a government in exile during the remainder of World War 2, as did the other countries Germany had conquered. Walter M. Clark

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Germany took over a number of countries during WWII. Some of them include: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Denmark, Yugoslavia, Greece, Norway and Western Poland.

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