When did Gimbels go out of business and was Macy's a full square block when it was built?


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No, Macy's Herald Square wasn't the full block when it opened in 1902, according to Macy's own history site: from As for the Gimbels question, I managed to find that the Pittsburgh Downtown store closed 13 September 1986, and it seems like BATUS closed the whole chain at approximately the same time in 1986.


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I BELIEVE IT WAS KORVETTES It WAS EJ Korvettes. I was working at Gimbels during that time and remember when Korvettes finally "gave up the ghost". E J Korvette was never in Herald Square. It was on 5th Avenue, several blocks away from Macy's and Gimbels. You might be thinking of "Saks 34th". Saks Fifth Avenue used to be owned by Gimbels -- there were TWO Saks stores in Manhattan ... the better known and more prestigious Saks Fifth Avenue and the less prestigious and cheaper Saks 34th Street. That closed around 1970. There was also Sterns which closed in the 1980s (I think)... it wasn't in Herald Square though -- it was on 42nd Street. One close by Macy's was a great store called Franklin Simon -- on 34th Street a block east of Macy's and Gimbels. Hope this helped. Maggie stern's was actually located on 34th and 35th st beteween 5th and Madison

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