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Q: When did Gregor Mendel discover about genes?
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Related questions

What did mendel discover?

mendel ( GREGOR ) discovered transmission of genes or inheritance.

First to discover that genes were inherited traits?

Gregor Mendel

Was Gregor Mendel the first to discover genetics?

Gregor mendel was the first to discover genetics. he was the first to know that genes are not only passed through parent and offspring, but through other living things too, such as pea plant. Alexis

Gregor Mendel and what experiment was he famous for?

Gregor Mendel was famous for discovering genes by using a pea plant

Who dicovered genes?

Gregor Mendel

Who first discovered genes?

Gregor Mendel

Who discovered how genes work?

Gregor Mendel

What is unit of character by gregor Mendel?


How did gregor Mendel discover genetics?

Gregor Mendel was a student of pea plants, and observed how various characteristics were inherited.

What two rules of genetics did Gegor Mendel discover?

Mendel studied genetics. He gave 4 laws of gentics. Gregor Mendel found that you get inherited traits from generations. He also discovered that genes get passed on by experimenting on peas.

What does Gregory Mendel refer to as genes?

Gregor Mendel referred genes as traits present on the chromosomes in his experiment on pea plant.

What did Gregor Mendel learn?

He had discovered inherited genes from two parental genes.

Gregor Mendel is studied because he what?

Gregor Mendel is studied because he used to pea plants to discover gene inheritance.

When did Gregor Mendel discover genetics?


Who discovered that genes were inherited traits?

Gregor Mendel

Who was the first person to discover genetics?

gregor mendel

Who is the founder of heredity?

Gregor Mendel was the discover of heredity.

Who discovered genes?

Gregor Mendel....with his pea plant studies

What did Gregor Mendel investigate with pea plants?

He investigated genes :)

Who formulated the concepts of genes and inheritance patterns?

Gregor Mendel

What are the hereditary factors proposed by Gregor Mendel now known to be composed of?

The things Gregor Mendel called factors are now known to be composed of genes and alleles. Gregor Mendel is referred to as the 'father of genetics'. He is famous for formulating his law of inheritance.

Who was the Austrian monk to discover the rules of heredity?

gregor mendel

Did Gregor Mendel discover dominant and recessive trait?


Why is Gregor Mendel famous?

He discovered that we can manipulate genes.

Who discvered genes and gentics?

Gregor Mendel is called the father of Genetics.