When did Halloween first start in Australia?

Halloween has not really taken off in Australia. As the influence of American television on Australian culture has increased, celebrations such as Halloween have made a half-hearted attempt to be introduced, but it really hasn't made any significant impact. This limited influence probably began to make its greatest impact in the mid to late 1980s. Fortunately, stores and retailers have not bothered to try to make Halloween a major event here, but some enterprising teenagers still try to get chocolate and lollies by Trick or treating. However, we never see costumes in the street, and few people have "Halloween" themed parties. As of 2009, the Halloween influence remains very limited.

A poll held on Australia's leading news site (news.com.au) at the end of October 2009 indicated that 85% of Australians think Australia should be ditched as it is totally irrelevant, whilst 15% of Australians said they love it and wanted to keep it.