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When did Henry Hudson start sailing?

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May 1st.

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Was henr y Hudson a viking?

Henry Hudson was NOT a Viking. He was an Englishman sailing under the Dutch Flag.

Which ocean was Henry Hudson sailing in when he died?

Henry Hudson was set adrift in Hudson's Bay, in northern Canada which is linked to the Arctic Ocean.

Why did Henry Hudson sail?

Henry Hudson was sailing to try and find a northwestern passage to Asia. He was hired by the Dutch East India Company in 1609.

Why did Henry Hudson start to explore?

Henry Hudson sailed for the country England.

What are Positive effects of Henry Hudson exploration?

exploring new york and sailing what is now known as the Hudson river

What country does Henry Hudson represent?

Canada,because Henry Hudson was sailing around Canada.He sailed around Atlantic Ocean,Nova Scotia,New York.

When did Henry Hudson start his fourth voyage what was the day?

After first sailing for his native England in 1607, he was employed by the government of Holland beginning in 1609, and subsequent voyages were for the Dutch.

How did Henry Hudson get interested in sailing?

while helping his dad load ships with supplies he thought it would be fun

Hardships that Henry Hudson encountered?

the encountered of herny huson is that he is a really cool guy :) he is the best at sailing :D

Did Henry Hudson find the waterway through North America?

Yes, Henry Hudson was sailing for the Netherlands in 1609 where he landed on the coast of New York. He then went on to find a river winding through New York.

Where did Henry Henry Hudson explore?

Henry Hudson Explored what is now called Hudson Bay and the Hudson River

What did Henry Hudson see sailing?

Henry Hudson saw: water, his crew, his son, trees, food, his clothes, dirt, the floor of his boat, his boat, the bed (or hammock) that he slept in, a rowboat, and his death. (Next time be more specific.)

What was Henry Hudson?

Henry Hudson was an explorer

Did Henry Hudson discover the Hudson bay?

Henry Hudson discovered the Hudson River, and the Hudson Bay!!! :) :)

What did Henry Hudson find?

Henry Hudson found the Hudson river!

When was the Hudson river named after Henry Hudson?

yes! Henry Hudson named the Hudson river

Is the Hudson river named after Henry Hudson?

Yes.The Hudson River is named after Henry Hudson.

When did Henry Hudson reach Hudson bay?

HenRy Hudson reached Hudson bay in 1610

How did Henry Hudson start his journey?

he wanted to sail to northeastern asia.

Where is Henry Hudson from?

Henry Hudson is from England he was born there

Who were Henry Hudson parents?

who was henry hudson parents

Was Henry Hudson greedy?

no Henry Hudson was determined.


Henry Hudson Preparation

Did Henry Hudson discover the Hudson river?

Yes, Henry Hudson dicovered the Hudson River in 1609

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