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Q: When did Hippocrates come about?
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Did galen come up with the four humors?

No, Hippocrates did!

What was Hippocrates' full name?

hippocrates full is Hippocrates Sclepiades

Why is Hippocrates called Hippocrates?

there are for hippo

What is Hippocrates's occupation?

Hippocrates is a/an Physician

What is Hippocrates' last name?

Hippocrates of Kos.

Who is Hippocrates mom?

enolious was hippocrates mom

Who is Hippocrates's mom?

enolious was hippocrates mom

What are some facts about Hippocrates?

if you want some info about him he is the person that actually invented cleanliness to prevent dieases also of the hippocrates collection which is 70 odd he is thought to only have wrote 6 or 7 of them also that he didnt come up with the hippocrates oath

Why were cells not discovered by Hippocrates?

Hippocrates did not have access to a microscope.

What was Hippocrates father of?

Hippocrates was considered the father of Medicine.

What is the importance of Hippocrates?

Hippocrates developed the Hippocratic oath.

Why did people use Hippocrates?

Hippocrates was a person, no one 'used' him

What is Hippocrates wife name?

hippocrates's wife name is Doriana

What is Hippocrates country of origin?

Hippocrates was born in ancient Greece.

When was Disciples of Hippocrates created?

Disciples of Hippocrates was created in 1980.

Did Hippocrates build the largest empire?

Hippocrates was a medical practicioner.

How did Hippocrates differ from Herodotus?

Hippocrates was a physian. Herodotus was an historian.

Where did pneumonia come from?

Well Pneumonia comes from a bacteria, but the symptoms were first recorded by Hippocrates in ancient Greece.

Who came first Hippocrates or Greeks and Romans?

the Greeks, Hippocrates was Greek

What was the sexual orientation of Hippocrates?

Nothing is known of the sexual orientation of Hippocrates.

What is Hippocrates middle name?

No middle name, known as Hippocrates of Kos

What was Hippocrates middle name?

No middle name, known as Hippocrates of Kos

Where did Hippocrates do his work?

Hippocrates travelled widely in Greece and taught in Cos.

What was Hippocrates greatest invention?

Hippocrates who first separated medicine from superstition.

Who is the famous Greek physician?