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Hirohito died on January 7, 1989 at the age of 87.

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Q: When did Hirohito die?
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Related questions

How did Hirohito die?

He died of pancreatic cancer.

Where did Hirohito die?

he died in Tokyo japan

How did Emperor Hirohito die?

He survived WW2, he was killed by pancreatic cancer.

Which country did empororo Hirohito lead in WW2?

Hirohito was the Emperor of JapanHirohito was the Emperor of Japan

What is Hirohito's popular name?

Emperor Hirohito.

Where can you find a picture of Hirohito?

You can probably find pictures of Hirohito by typing "Hirohito pictures" into the Google search bar.

Did Hirohito have siblings?

no Hirohito didn't have any siblings

What was Hirohito's significance?

Emperor Hirohito was the leader of Japan.

What was emperor Hirohito's supporting party?

Hirohito was a monarch.

What was the political ideology of Hirohito?

Hirohito was a monarch, and his ideology was such.

What was hirohito's goals?

Hirohito's goal was to control the pacific and the world

When was Hirohito born?

Hirohito was born on April 29, 1901.

How tall was Hirohito?

Hirohito was 5' 5" (1.65 m)

How old is hirohito's?

Hirohito is dead but died at age 87

What is Hirohito's birthday?

Hirohito was born on April 29, 1901.

When was Hirohito ลŒta born?

Hirohito Ōta was born in 1970.

When was Hirohito Gotล born?

Hirohito Gotō was born in 1969.

What side was Hirohito on during the war?

Hirohito was on the side of the axis powers

What political party was Hirohito?

Hirohito was the Emperor, so was outside of party politics. Hirohito's voice was considered too sacred to be heard so he was literally a figurehead!

How Hirohito achieved power?

Emperor Hirohito was born into this position. His father, the Emperor, was suffering from mental illness therefore Hirohito became the Emperor when he was a young adult.

What is the name of Hirohito's second son?

The name of the second son of Hirohito is Masahito.

Why was Emperor Hirohito in jail?

Emperor Hirohito was never in jail being an Emperor.

What were Hirohito's ambitions?

Emperor Hirohito needed natural resources and land for Japan.

When was Hirohito Nakamura born?

Hirohito Nakamura was born on 1974-05-09.

What did hirohito do?

Michinomiya Hirohito was the emperor of Japan during WW2, his system of government was militarism.