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When did Hitler send the Jews to Concentration Camps?

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Jews were putted into Concentration Camps since 1933, when he come to power.

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When did Hitler send Jews to the concentration camps?

May 1940 in a big load but hitler did send jews to camps as early as 1933 but none of them were killed

Where did Hitler send Jews?

Adolf Hitler sent the Jews to Concentration Camps!!! Yes, but they were also sent to ghettos and later in the holocaust, Extermination Camps.

Why did the Nazis send people who were different to concentration camps?

because hitler thought that the people or jews were not of an perfect race so he would send them to concentration camps to maliciosly kill them

Where did Hitler send Jews during the war?

concentration camps were some were killed while others worked

Where did Adolf Hitler send the Jews?

The Jews were sent to extermination camps in Poland.

Did Stalin send Jews to concentration camps like Hitler?

No, though he turned anti-Jewish in old age (1951 on). There were antisemitic undertones during the Great Purges, but there was no attempt to exterminate ordinary Jews or send them to camps for simply being Jewish.

Did Hitler enslave kids?

You could say that since Hitler did send children to concentration camps.

Set of laws that sent Jews to concentration camps?

The deportations to camps were not based on any law. They were just done. (The Nuremberg Laws of 1935 did not send Jews (or anyone else) to concentration camps or extermination camps). .

Whom did Hitler send to the death camp?

People of the Jewish Religion. The camps were called concentration camps.

Did Hitler send people to prison?

Yes, and he sent millions to concentration camps and termination camps which were worse than prisons.

What kind of things did Adolf Hitler do during the Holocaust?

Well one of the things that the terrible Adolf Hitler did was send innocent jews to Concentration Camps to be barried with gas and burned to death . He was also in charge of the Kristallnacht night of violence against Jews.

Would Adolf Hitler exterminated the blacks in the Concentration Camps during the Holocaust?

Hell Yes, Hitler killed anyone who wasn't a pure German. aka Aryan. Hitler wouldn't kill them himself, He would send them to the Concentration Camps.

Why did the Germans want to know were all of the Jews where?

So they could capture them and send them to concentration camps

Who did Hitler send to murder the Jews?

He didnt tell anyone to kill the jews but Hitler did order Heinrich Himmler to kill the jews in the camps quickly, cheaply and as efficently as possible

Where were Jews forced to live?

concentration camps or death camps Edit: Like the above said, they were sent to concentration camps. Although, if they were healthy the Jew was then send to work camps, but before this they lived in the ghettos. (or they had to go hide.)

Did Hitler send gay Germans to concentration camps?

Yes, the Nazis persecuted most of the conventional 'outsiders'.

Where did Hitler send the Jews?

From 1939 on the Nazi regime sent the Jews to ghettos, and then, starting in 1941 to killing fields and/or to extermination camps.

Was Hitler a communist dictator or a totalitarianism dictator?

Totalitarian. Hitler in fact hated communists, and would send any that he found to concentration camps.

Did Hilter send any American citizens to concentration camps?

Yes, he did. There were American Jews in Europe when the war started and some did get arrested and placed in the camps.

Did they only send Jews to concentration camps?

No, Nazi's also send to concentration camps: communists, homosexuals, disabled, Russian prisoner's of war, gypsies, partisans. From 12 millions victims of Holocaust, 6 millions were Jews, 3 millions Russian prisoners of war, 3 million others.

Why did the Nazis send the Jews to concentration camps?

Because Hitler wanted a perfect race. His vision of a perfect race was one without Jews, homosexuals, and mentally retarded people._____Most Jews were sent to extermination camps rather than ordinary concentration camps._____The reasons for sending Jews to camps changed ... In 1938 the key aim was to bully the Jews into leaving Germany, but later, the aim was to exploit able-bodied Jews as slave labour and exterminate the rest.______It was government policy in Germany under the Nazi regime, based on the anti-Semitism that was an integral part of National Socialist philosophy.

When did the Nazis send the Jews to concentration camps?

The main deportations, generally to extermination camps rather than concentration camps, began in 1941-42 and continued till 1944. (The numbers sent before 1941 were relatively small).

Why Anne and her family were forced to hid in the secret annex?

The Germans were searching for Jews to send them to the concentration camps and the gas chambers.

What was the way Hitler killed people?

Hitler was an awful man who collected Jews and sent them to refugee camps to have them either shot or killed in a gas room. The people would take off their clothes and would be sent inside the gas room and would suffocate them in the room and die because the gas would fill their lungs. Also Hitler would send them to ghettos, concentration camps , and death camps.

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