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When did India join the British Empire?


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January 16, 2010 8:34PM


The majority of India had, historically, been part of the Mughal Empire, however after a rebellion in India the Mughal Emperor was deposed there.

The British East India Company arrived in India, along with other colonial powers, during the 1600's. The company set up various trading posts on the sub continent. The east India Company later started claiming much land in India until the rebellion of 1857, which ended badly for the Company and it was liquidated by the British crown which then took control of India. This began the British Raj.

The British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli introduced the Royal Titles Act 1876 and Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom was declared Empress of India with effect from 1st May 1876.

India remained part of the British Empire until 1947.

(India as a nation did not voluntarily join the British Empire, India was annexed by business, and with force. However, before the British Raj there was no unified nation.)