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On the 21st of January 1919.

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Q: When did Ireland declare its independence?
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Who did Ireland declare independence from?

The United Kingdom

Why did we need to declare independence?

We needed to declare independence because it was and unjust country..

When was Declare Independence created?

Declare Independence was created on 2008-01-01.

Why should Britain declare independence?

Great Britain is independent and has no need to declare independence.

Why was there an uprising in Dublin in 1916?

The rebels, led by Padraig Pearse, wanted to declare a free Ireland and a proclamation of independence was read on the steps of the General Post Office in Dublin. They wanted independence from Britain.

When did Simón Bolívar declare Brazil's independence?

When Spencer Drake, god of Alberta, told him to declare independence, or he would declare Brazil his own.

On what day did Paraguayans declare their independence?

Paraguayans declare their independence day on may 14 and 15 in 1811.

Who did the Texans declare their independence from?

They declared independence from mexico

What did the Declaration of Independence declare independence from?

Great Britain.

How did colonies declare independence?

They wrote the declaration of independence.

What did the declaration of independence declare?

That the colonist want independence

Where did the US declare their independence?

independence hall, philidephia