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Q: When did Jackson Pollock start making art?
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What art school did Jackson pollock go to?

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Did Jackson pollock go to art school?

That depends, if he was into art!

What did people think of Jackson Pollock?

Jackson pollock was a crazy artist the way he splattered art on canvas.

What period of art was jackson pollock?

Abstract Expressionism.

What word to describe Jackson pollock's painting?

Jackson Pollock's art can best be described as abstract because he specialized in abstract expressionism.

What was most important to Jackson Pollock?

His art work and his family.

What year did Jackson Pollock produce his art?

1928 - 1956.

Who first thought Jackson pollock art lessons?

Thomas Benton.

How did Jackson Pollock get interested in art?

Because he like to splater things.

Which abstract expresionist was given the name Jack the dripper?

Jackson Pollock was the artist and got the name from making art using drips of paint.

What type of art has Jackson Pollock created?

Click link 'Pollock' below for text and example! Or click link 'Jackson Pollock' for a list of works. Click each title to see it! Answer #2 Jackson Pollock created Splatter paint and drip art. Alot of the ideas we use in the world today to create new modern designs.

What was the first piece of art work that Jackson Pollock did in his childhood?

It is long forgotten.

Is Jackson Pollock a true artist?

Yes, he is. He is in all the books on Moden Art.

What does Jackson Pollock's abstract art evoke?

Different feelings in dfferent people.

Did Jackson pollock work for anyone doing something other than art?


What was Jackson Pollock's art style?

Jackson Pollock was a Splatter Painter.Answer 2:His work is classified as Abstract Expressionist and Action painting.Click link below to see a couple of examples!

What art movement was Jackson Pollock a part of?

Abstract Expressionism, particularly Action Painting.

Is there anyone else besides Jackson Pollock that did splatter art?

One was Sam Francis.

Jackson Pollock most significant about his art and his career?

He did it his way, like no other before.

What age was Jackson Pollock when he started painting?

He started to study art in 1939, when he was 18.

Most expensive art work?

An unconfirmed rumour: No. 5, 1948 by Jackson Pollock ($140,000,000?)

What artist helped develop the what American abstract expressionist art style in the 1940s?

Jackson Pollock

Did World War 2 have any affect on Jackson Pollock's art?

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Why does Jackson Pollock's art go for millions of dollars at auction?

Because somebody wanted to pay that much.

What kind of art movement did Jackson Pollock involve in?

action painting... in his paintings you could see his action in it