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The Louisiana Purchase was bought in 1803

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Because if there was nothing out there jefferson was out 15 million dollars

Jefferson paid $15 million for the Louisiana Territory. This amounted to less than three cents per acre.

Thomas Jefferson was President in 1803 when this purchase was made.

The Louisiana Purchase was bought in 1803 costing the Treasury $15 million.

Thomas Jefferson agreed to the Louisiana Purchase from France. He asked the Congress to appropriate $15 million for the purchase of 800,000 square miles of land and water.

About $15 million dollars for the whole Louisiana Territory

The US payed about 15 million dollars to buy the Louisiana Purchase to the French.

The Louisiana Purchase was $15 million. The purchase happened during the presidency of the Thomas Jefferson, and faced strong opposition by many.

He had his Ambassador to France contact Napoleon I who was more than happy to unload this territory for 15 million dollars.

The Louisiana Purchase cost the United States 15 million dollars. It was one of the best bargains in history.

Louisiana was sold by Napoleon to the US for15 million dollars in 1803. See "Louisiana purchase."

Jefferson was able to purchase the entire Louisiana territory from France because he was able to cancel 18 million francs of debt. The purchase took place in 1803.

Yes. That is how much they payed for the Louisiana Territory. Which the name of that purchase was known as the Louisiana Purchase.

15 million dollars and $219 million in 2010 dollars -3MO_B3AR

Thomas Jefferson paid fifteen million dollars to France (run by Napoleon Bonaparte at the time) for the Louisiana territory.

Thomas Jefferson committed 15 million dollars to pay for the Louisiana Purchase. That price paid for over 800,000 square miles of land that included all or parts of 15 states.

the louisiana territiry was explored by lewis and clark they were sent by thomas jefferson, the louisiana cost 15 million dollars. The louisiana territory had rich soil and it opened exess to the western side of the united states.

Thomas Jefferson bought Louisiana. He purchased the 800,000 sq/miles for 15 million dollars. He commissioned Louis and Clark to explore the land.

The cost was 15 million US Dollars or 60 million French francs. Because this was paid in installments, the total including interest was $23,213,568. Jefferson originally sent Monroe and Livingston with $10 million to purchase New Orleans, but Napoleon offered them the whole of Louisiana for only $15 million, so they could not refuse.

15 million dollars and $219 million in 2010 dollars -3MO_B3AR

We wanted to buy the Louisiana Purchase to complete the manifest destiny of stretching from sea to sea. Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana Territory for 15 million from France.

In 1803 for 15 million by Napoleon and Thomas Jefferson hope it helped :)

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